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Levente Gráczia
Levente Gráczia
Published: 18.07.2022

The soul of’s brand is making human connections. Our tech partners continue to build and strengthen our community’s DNA. We are very proud to have Sprintform as part of our circle, whose unique individuals now inspire and empower all of our team members.

Time to meet the Senior Full Stack developer at Sprintform, Levente!

What is the favorite part about working for Sprintform?

The employee-oriented attitude that I would emphasize. I feel I am not just a simple employee here who performs his duties. Even when I did a team augmentation job at Sprintform, they kept asking and talking to me about how I felt about the project and how much I liked it.

I would have had the opportunity to switch to another project if I didn’t feel good working on the current one. Because the person who is working on the project is just as important as the project itself. I like that earning money is not the only factor in choosing the next project. Quality work can only really be done if those who work on it also feel good.

This is me

Why did you join Sprintform, and what has kept you here?

When I was looking for a new job, I joined them because I liked the company’s operational vision. I still believe that this is a good opportunity for me in my career. I have the chance to improve myself professionally in the things I want to do.

Not only based on my previous experience as a developer, but they also help me beyond that. Sprintform gives me room to try new things and supports me to do them on a higher level compared to my previous workplaces.

How did you first learn about Sprintform?

It was recommended to me by a former colleague, whom I interviewed as a developer at one of our previous workplaces, and then I hired him.

Later, we went our separate ways for a while after I left that company, but our good relationship remained. When he told me they were looking for developers, I asked him a few things about the company.

Later I was able to talk on the phone with the manager. That's the point when I took a closer look at the company.

How do you describe your work personality vs. your home life personality?

I am much more focused on my tasks in my work life because what I do is much more exact.

However, I don’t see such a big difference in my personality. Maybe I’m a little more reserved than in my personal life, but I also build my relationships with people just as much. However, as far as my principles are concerned, I haven’t had to differentiate between the two personalities.

This is a creative photo of myself

What did you want to be when growing up?

As a child, I wanted to do all kinds of things. But I have wanted to be a developer for quite a long time. I also chose a secondary school to help me acquire more knowledge about what I initially did as a hobby at home.

Fortunately, I achieved my dreams, and I had the opportunity to participate in such projects that I imagined as a child that one day it would be nice to work on as a developer.

How do you spend your time outside of the office?

Outside of work, I try to be with my friends as much as possible and talk about things in life and learn from each other, and experience things together. In addition, I spend a lot of time on my hobby activities, I like to create visual things, and I also take photos. I try to maintain my body too with small home workouts properly.

Get to know Levente and the rest of the Sprintform team!

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