Audit, analytics, goal orientation... a perfect description of our Business Analyst: Mateusz Glowacz!

Mateusz Glowacz
Mateusz Glowacz
Published: 28.09.2021

Mateusz Glowacz is our Business Analyst. As a graduate of Computer Science and Econometrics at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, we think that he fits the team perfectly, mainly by his willingness to learn about new technologies related to the developing e-commerce market. Mateusz's hobbies, which are cycling in summer and skiing in winter, make him a perfect match for his teammates. Additionally, chess and paddleboard complete the list of Mateusz's activities "after working hours."

Below you will find our short conversation, which will help you to get to know the atmosphere that prevails while working at ORBA. Among other things, these factors contribute to why we are so effective in e-commerce implementations, and why we can build such deep relationships with our clients.

What are the greatest difficulties you face in your role? How do you deal with them?

Business and system analysis requires cooperation on many levels, both with the client and developers - often making difficult decisions, like what should be implemented at a given moment, what should be moved, and what to give up, for example.

Communicating such things to the client can often be troublesome.

It is also important that such things do not occur often, and here comes another aspect of solving complex problems: decisions have to be made independently, under time pressure. I already have a lot of experience in this matter, so I got used to it and it is not a big problem.

What do you appreciate the most about working at ORBA?

Participation in interesting projects and the possibility of optimizing the processes carried out by our clients.

In practice, my work translates into real support and increased sales in our partners' companies. When you see the effects of my work, I feel satisfied. I think everyone has it :)

What is your favorite way of spending time after work?

As I mentioned at the beginning of our conversation, my favorite form of spending free time is cycling outside the city. I also like meeting friends, reading books, and sometimes a series can get me hooked.

I also swim on a paddleboard. In winter, in turn, I am an avid skier. It all depends on the humor, circumstances, and people with whom I can share my passions. I like to spend my time actively, so finding this "favorite" way is not easy. I also play chess!

Mateusz Glowacz

What were the circumstances of starting work in ORBA, what has kept you here?

My fascination with the e-commerce market was definitely the most important. Orba is a company that does not outsource work to other companies. Thanks to this, I knew that I would be able to participate in projects where it would be necessary to analyze the processes and methods of conducting retail and wholesale sales in various companies. It was a key element behind my decision to work for ORBA.

I was not disappointed - we are working on comprehensive e-commerce solutions in various industries. I'm developing all the time, and that's what I want.

What makes you happy?

In my private life, I enjoy my passions the most - and the opportunity to carry out these activities together with my family and friends.

At work, however, I really like the awareness that the solutions that I co-create fully meet the client's expectations. They also change the business reality of these organizations - the satisfaction of partners and the fact that what we do is helpful is a source of satisfaction for me.

I like to see the results of my work.

If you could go back to any past moment of your life, what would you want to experience again?

I think that I could experience Eminem's concert again. I have loved his work from an early age, and the concert in London, which I had the opportunity to attend, was an amazing experience.

If you were able to have some superpower, what kind of superpower would it be?

Definitely teleportation. I really like trips, both shorter and longer trips, so I think teleportation would enable me to make these trips more often. It would also be a big time-saver daily.

What is your guilty pleasure?

It's a difficult matter... I love animals very much, but my sinful pleasure is T-Bone Steak :)

Get to know us and meet Mateusz Głowacz!

Mateusz is an important part of our team at ORBA. His skills inspire everyone and make the implementation of our business projects much easier. In addition, Mateusz fits perfectly into the catalog of personalities that make ORBA such a unique and effective organization.

If you have any questions for Mateusz or would like to know the details of the implementation of some projects in ORBA, contact us. Also, if you would like to meet any of our team members and talk about what we can achieve together, let us know!

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