Meet Emmanuel Neni, a Software Developer Who Can “Heal” a Project

Nadia Hasiuk
Nadia Hasiuk
Published: 19.08.2021

Emmanuel Neni joined ElifTech as a Software Developer a few years ago after working as a doctor. For most people, such a shift is a great surprise. But this extraordinary individual was able to use his healing powers for our projects and build a breathtaking software career at ElifTech. Emmanuel is a thorough professional and a great conversationalist—he enjoys talking about his passion for cryptocurrency.

Let us lift the veil of his personality for you.

Emmanuel taking a little break from his calls with the team and customers.

What are your primary responsibilities and roles at ElifTech, and what do your day-to-day activities look like?

I mostly handle the back end but occasionally help out with the front end as well. My responsibility is to create full-fledged software development plans and put them into action. This also includes handling database backups and cleanups, creating endpoints for automation testing, and taking care of server issues.

I plan to improve further and possibly become the best software engineer on planet Earth—unless we colonize any other planets. Software engineers of Mars, I’m coming for you (laughing).

I am also considering exploring the world of cryptocurrency more and trying out development on that side of the tech industry.

What drew you to software development? Have you always worked in similar roles?

Frankly, I never imagined myself as a software developer. I was working as a GP and was quite good at it. Graduated from med school, became a doctor, and worked as a surgical intern on the side. As predictable as it could get.

While pursuing my degree, however, I always wanted to build and use technological solutions to some of the issues doctors face. Besides, since I was interested in cryptocurrency exchanges, Blockchain and FinTech intrigued me a lot, and I made that jump to software development.

I started learning online, and within a few months, I was already building basic software. Eventually, I found a full-time opportunity as a developer and things became official.

Do you want to get back to medicine? Or would you like to combine both?

In the near future, not really. I would like to continue working as a software developer for at least the next five or six years. I even plan to pursue a master’s degree in software engineering. Later, I might want to see both experiences come together.

Next to the med school, from which Emmanuel graduated. Posing with the monument and trying to look as serious as it is.

What do you think is the most exciting aspect of ElifTech?

Honestly, ElifTech gave my career the direction it needed. I love the supportive culture we have here and how all employees are well-integrated. Transparency is another aspect I appreciate. We get to know how things are actually going, so we can play a part in making them better.

The work autonomy I have at ElifTech is terrific. There isn’t much micromanagement—I get to prioritise my tasks and work at my own pace.

The benefits are great as well. I have always been into fitness, and I don’t think there are a lot of workplaces that give you a fitness club membership.

What’s been your most memorable experience so far at the company?

Definitely not an easy question to answer. I have made tons of good memories here, but I think the recent rafting trip stands out. I was initially hesitant because I don’t have a lot of experience getting into open waters. But it turned out way more fun than I expected.

I enjoyed how everyone helped each other get to the endpoint, casually singing songs together and enjoying each other’s company. Nothing can beat that experience.

How do you spend your time outside of the office?

Fact: I just lie around on my bed doing nothing. Don’t get me wrong. I think it is healthy to occasionally sit idle just to clear your thoughts and let your mind relax.

But there’s more. I work out a lot at the gym. Sports have also been a good escape; I like trying my luck with tennis and basketball. I also enjoy Call of Duty.

When I’m not in the mood for any aggressive activity, I go for a walk to the lake and spend a few moments there.

Tired but happy team after the rafting experience on one of ElifTech team buildings on the Dniester River.

Before working at ElifTech, what was the most unusual or interesting job you had?

Oh, boy. I’ll have to go back years for that. During my college days, I worked as a salesperson and sometimes a cook at a fast-food joint.

My greatest achievement there was that I introduced and cooked some African dishes that happened to be delicious. And I can tell you, if there was one reason that joint was doing so well, it was because of those dishes.

How do you define success in life?

I could probably do a whole podcast on this topic. But let’s keep things short. Success to me is being fully independent in whatever sense you want to be. Besides, I think success means being on the path of constant improvement. Taking one step at a time and ultimately getting where you want to be.

If you had to eat one meal every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Rice. Zero doubts there.

The eating part with rice is super convenient. You can have bowls without creating any mess (laughing).

What are your three most overused words or phrases?

“Um”– well, I guess you noticed that while taking this interview.

“What do they call it” is another one I use when I lose my chain of thought mid-sentence.

“Cryptocurrency” remains constant. In fact, do you know how much Bitcoin sold for this morning? I'm just kidding. We’ll talk about this another time.

Get to know Emmanuel Neni and his peers at ElifTech!

Emmanuel makes every minute of working at ElifTech fun. We love his humor and the intellectual cryptocurrency discussions he brings to the table, along with the brilliant software skills he has. If you have questions about software development, Emmanuel’s personal life, or working at ElifTech, feel free to connect with us, and we will make sure to introduce you.

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