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Agata Kukwa
Agata Kukwa
Published: 06.07.2021

Meet Justyna Pelc. She has been working at for a year in the marketing team. She is an engineer. She graduated from Control Engineering and Robotics and Management and Production Engineering and professionally works in communication and PR.

Outside of work, Justyna works on space-related projects and designs bases on Mars or the Moon. You will meet her wherever there are topics out of this world. In addition, she prepares popular science materials for the YouTube channel of the Polish Astrobiology Society, leads her space association, and helps in some events as a judge in space-robotic competitions.

Justyna is one of those who are not scared by presentations - it's part of her job! (Author: Marcin Zieliński)

Why did you choose to join

I decided to work at, thanks to my mentor and current boss. I never wanted to work in the IT sector because, after my studies, I found programming ... boring. She proved to me that companies in this sector do not look like I was used to after my studies.

Artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data - it sounded highly complicated to me, but it was also an exciting challenge. Will I be able to work with emerging technologies? Even though I was already involved in the space sector at the time, exploring Mars seemed simpler to me than understanding Distributed Ledger Technologies.

However, the desire to learn and develop further was stronger. So, I decided to take a risk and applied to a company that dealt with technologies that I knew very little about.

I can now say that I do not regret it! At, I can learn new things every day and get to know the technologies we are working on, which will change our world in the future. I'm not able to get bored, but that's what makes this job perfect.

What is your role in the team, and what does your work look like?

I work as a Communications Manager. My task is to promote and shape our company's image. In addition, I am responsible for our Social Media, developing content for our website, and identifying exciting opportunities to present in the press or during different events.

My job is to present our work simply, forcing me to constantly expand my knowledge about new technologies. After all, it is impossible to talk about emerging technologies without understanding them. Therefore, I can learn about our company’s work from different angles and use the knowledge in our communication.

Working at is also great freedom. I can choose my work tools, test various ideas and use multiple skills. Furthermore, I can work anywhere and anytime, so it positively influences my creativity.

And I need a lot of it! One day I can write a report on the use of blockchain technology in banking, write an article about implementing DevOps in our company, and plan a webinar. After that, it is impossible to get bored with

What do you like the most about

I think I like the work culture the most. There is a lot of trust in the team, and proactive behavior is welcome, even rewarded. I feel that I can try new things and develop further.

We say that we are like one organism, and it is. I like that we treat business, marketing, and technology issues as equally important, and we take care of the continuous and efficient flow of information. Our actions are consistent, and you can see that we are pursuing the same goals.

I like our team. It is a mixture of fascinating and very talented people with whom it is terrific to work. I feel part of this team, and I am pleased about it.

And most of all, I appreciate the approach. We always give our best and make sure that our products and services are of a high standard. Quality is more important to us than quantity, which also makes working at very rewarding.

Justyna can’t imagine her life without two things - coffee and her phone. (Author: Marcin Zieliński)

How did your space adventure start?

By accident! I never thought that space projects could be implemented in Poland, but I got involved in a student club during my studies, and that's how it started. A year later, I was running a space project myself.

During my master's studies, I founded my space group with a few friends, which is now officially an association. We have been designing award-winning bases on Mars, the Moon, suborbital planes, and other space-related things for several years, and more and more people join us.

I've found that the space sector needs people with different backgrounds and the projects are very interdisciplinary. I can work with architects, builders, robotics, doctors, and lawyers, making it so fascinating!

What do you do as part of your space interests?

I lead the Innspace assosiation. Our projects are mainly related to crewed space exploration, from habitats on Mars and the Moon to suborbital planes. We bring together young scientists from all over Poland who want to do things out of this world together.

I am involved in the Polish Astrobiological Society. In addition, I can develop myself in popularizing science because I run our channel on YT, where I talk to scientists of various disciplines about their research.

I always say that it is quiet in space, but there should not be silent about space! So I try to use it to promote the space sector and space exploration. I also work with other organizations to organize space events and competitions.

What do you like doing in your free time?

Hang out with friends or watch Netflix. Medical and crime series is my guilty pleasure. I am also happy to use the possibilities offered by YouTube in terms of access to knowledge in every field.

When I need a moment for myself, I go out to the cafe. Coffee and cake always cheer me up and make me work better immediately. I could have my office in a cafe. Or an office cafe!

This is a girl out of this world! (Author: Marcin Zieliński)

What is your favorite science fiction movie?

I love space, but I hate space movies! Mainly because I am annoyed by mistakes. Loud explosions in space? In a vacuum, the sound does not spread. I usually focus on such details instead of being drawn into the plot.

Name one thing you are not good at.

I wish I had a green apartment, but I can't even keep a mint alive. So, for now, I'm decorating my apartment with cut flowers. I dream of an automated system that will take care of my plants, and I will enjoy beautiful views and fresh air.

Does your job seem boring compared to your space interests?

At all! It's fantastic to see technologies that I once read about that will change our future now come into being in our company. The more I get to know this subject, the more I am curious about it. And I see more and more options to combine my interests with work!

In addition, it's a perfect situation - to like your job and do exciting things after it. I wouldn't change it!

Meet Justyna and the rest of the unique team!

We are proud that people like Justyna want to work in our company. Members of our team do space projects, work in robotic associations, or run football teams. If you would like to learn more about how we combine great projects at work with significant initiatives in our spare time - contact us!

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