Valuable Things Come in Small Packages, Says Sofija!

Sofija Savcic
Sofija Savcic
Published: 20.10.2021

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It’s time to learn how Sofija Savcic manages to keep a handle on things at Case3D!

What initially brought you to Case 3D and what kept you here?

Before I became a part of the Case 3D team, I was already fascinated by the energy of those people. The connection between the people in the company, and their dedication to the work they were doing was something that resonated with me until I myself became a part of that environment.

Sincerity, openness, and support are good, but the challenging moments brought me into relationships that I can openly say will last for a lifetime.

Which were the most memorable moments for you during your career in Case 3D?

Those must be the time we spend together both on and off work, especially big and fun birthday gatherings, where everyone comes relaxed and carefree and you get to know a different side of their personality.

Also, there were a few occasions where we celebrated the successful finish of a big and demanding project, where the team had to get together and cross a few hurdles; that definitely brought us closer to each other.

One of many Case3D gatherings

How do you spend your time while away from work?

Well, considering the fact that I am a mother of 3 little school children, the answer is easy :)

Although through the years I learned to enjoy everyday tasks, I try to make the boring household chores as fun as possible — as long as I shuffle them, and get the kids involved as well.

That way I manage to break the routine, and getting everyone involved helps me in a great way while bringing us together.

Besides that, I really like to spend my time in our old family house in the countryside. There is always some work to be done over there, and often I choose to renovate, fix things, and refurbish some old furniture.

I also like to experiment with wall paint colors, techniques, and effects. And after all that hard work, what suits me is to relax with a book in silence, or sometimes quite the opposite — to enjoy loud music blasting through the speakers.

Family time!

Which things make you sincerely happy?

I know it sounds like a cliche, but it really is the well-being of my family. For me personally, this is the main ingredient for happiness.

To mention other things as well, small tokens of gratitude, non-birthday gifts, random acts of kindness, children laughing out loud, and the knowledge that I helped somebody out.

And to be quite specific - traveling to any seaside destinations. That always makes me happy :)

Sofija and Mojo

Your favorite thing in the world and why?

Definitely my car. Makes my life a lot easier. One day, when the kids get to be independent, it will definitely be a bicycle. A pretty one. With a loud bell.

How would your life be without modern technology?

Sometimes I think it would be easier, but as soon as I try to distance myself from my mobile phone things tend to get very complicated, very fast. I believe that we are currently so interconnected with technology that there is no way back.

In an idealistic world, I would imagine myself in a house with a porch, a dog, a garden, a lumberjack husband, and messy-haired kids.

On the other hand, it would be very nice to have a small beach bar and a hut by the seaside.

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