Unpacking the life of Mircea Dragotă at X2Mobile

Mircea Dragotă
Mircea Dragotă
Published: 13.01.2022

X2 Mobile is unique, equipped with the latest technology and we can adapt to your specific needs. Through X2 Mobile we combine our passion for mobile app development with our keen interest in human development. Our team of high-class product experts, creative designers, and top-notch developers are always eager to find new challenges and have an impact on a global scale.

Time to meet the iOS Team Lead at X2 Mobile, Mircea!

What do you like most about X2 Mobile?

X2Mobile is not just an ordinary company, it's a family. The team is what I love the most and this is what makes X2Mobile shine.

We are a young passionate team in love with developing software solutions. We thrive on innovation and insist on excellence.

Working with this team, makes every day, a special day.

I love to travel. This is my last trip to Paris with my colleagues

Are you an iPhone or android type of person?

I'm definitely an iPhone, not just because I'm developing iOS applications, but because I like the ecosystem and the user experience provided by these devices.

How has X2 Mobile helped you in your career development?

I got hired at X2Mobile, just after I finished my second year at university. Firstly and the most important thing to say is that I was able to focus on my studies while working here. I learned how to develop mobile apps, have proper training and the best instructors. I can say that this company helped me a lot in my career development and it's always focused on shaping people who are just starting their journey.

Even now, X2Mobile is always investing in employee education (books, courses, conference).

What has been your favourite project at X2 Mobile?

My favourite project at X2Mobile is LaunchPad for ClassLink. It's an iOS and Android mobile app intended for teachers and students to better collaborate in class and outside of school. You have access to all your apps, files and classes from anywhere, accessible from any device.

To provide the best user experience, we integrated Single Sign-On (SSO) in our app. The users are able to sign in once on a website and afterwards they will be automatically logged in by our app.

Me and my team celebrating our latest release for ClassLink Launchpad mobile app.

Do you have any activities with colleagues outside the office?

X2Mobile is a family, we love to do activities outside the office. Regardless of whether it's a trip, a game night, an escape room or a laser tag match, we are always having a great time. We love to travel and to hang out outside the office, so we are always planning our next trip.

What are 3 words to describe X2 Mobile?

Curiosity. Commitment. Collaboration.

While those aren’t the only three things that you need to know about X2 Mobile, they do highlight what sets us apart.

Get to know Mircea and the rest of the X2 Mobile team!

We’re delighted that Mircea decided to join X2 Mobile – it’s been great having them on board! If you have any questions or want to get to know Mircea or one of their colleagues from the iOS Team Lead team, we can put you in touch. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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