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Adrian Bece
Adrian Bece
Published: 07.01.2021


hi there!

What do you find to be the most exciting aspect of PROTOTYP?

Most exciting aspect for me is the tech stack within the company and how well we’re keeping up with the modern web and mobile technology. We’re continuously learning and improving our process.

How did you first learn about PROTOTYP?

Vlatko Vlahek, company’s CTO, did a series of lectures on React at my previous company. I was so impressed with it and wanted to use it regularly in my projects. My previous company was reluctant about updating the archaic tech stack, so I left and joined PROTOTYP.

If you could pick one theme for PROTOTYP to turn into a book about the company, what would it be?

“Leading the charge with tech excellence”

Passionate about playing electric guitar in my free time.

Do you have any hobbies, go-to weekend activities, or long-term passion projects you’re working on?

I love playing electric guitar, listening to music and collecting rare and original music CD pressings. I also love to read books, mostly sci-fi, and I enjoy reading Calvin & Hobbes comics. Sometimes I write tech articles for web publications. I also create closed terrariums.

How do you define success in life?

For me success is pushing the limits of what you can do and reaching new heights, which sometimes means leaving my comfort zone or putting in enormous effort, or sometimes both. There is so much pleasure and joy to be found in doing that regularly.

What is the next life milestone you want to achieve?

I want to reach the next level in everything I’m currently doing - write mind-blowing articles, get a startup project running, contribute more to open-source projects. In an ideal case, my next milestone would be a masterpiece that would help me reach the top of my abilities.

Out on a stroll in nature.

What's your favourite line from a movie?

I prefer reading books, so my favorite line comes from a book “Chapterhouse: Dune” by Frank Herbert: “Seek freedom and become captive of your desires. Seek discipline and find your liberty.”

If given a chance, who would you like to be for a day?

I’d still be myself. I enjoy who I am and I wouldn’t want to change that for anything.

If you were stuck on an island what three things would you bring?

Dune book collection, guitar and a lifetime supply of potato chips.

Get to know Adrian and the rest of the team.

We’re extremely proud to have Adrian as a part of our team as he is a reflection of personalities we attract at our company and can be a role model for every current and future employee. If you’d like to know more about Adrian on he’s duties as a tech lead, get in touch with us.

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