Peak with Jelena

Jelena Domcic
Jelena Domcic
Published: 14.03.2022

Our clients are often faced with the challenge of growing their business while staying true to its vision. We help them navigate this balance by providing services such as strategy consulting, research, development, support & user experience design that will allow your company's products or brands to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.

Time to meet the DevOps Technical Lead at PEAK Software Solutions, Jelena!

What have you gained from working at PEAK Software?

I gained a lot of knowledge during my involvement in different projects. Every project has its own platform, so it was really challenging to fit in all of them.


What has been your favourite project at PEAK Software?

My favourite project was the implementation of a solution for the webshop. I was very happy to be included in every point of planning and implementation of a webshop.

The team was absolutely amazing and everything on this project was super cool for me!

If you could switch your job with anyone else within PEAK Software, whose job would you want?

No one :) I have the best job in the company. I have special autonomy inside the company so I would like to stay like this.

How did you first learn about PEAK Software?

First info about Peak I've got from my friend who was working with Uros. He connected us, and we are together for almost 8yrs now.


What's your favourite line from a movie?

"What is gonna be Maxy, money or your life" - A Good Year

Are you an iPhone or android type of person?

Definitely android. I used both OS, but I like android most. The reason for this is probably because I'm a Linux fan, so...

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