Get to know our Account Manager; Rodrigo Brito

Rodrigo Brito
Rodrigo Brito
Published: 15.09.2021

Introducing Rodrigo, Particle Forward’s Account and Business Development Manager. He joined Particle to handle all Client-Particle Forward business-related interactions. He has a background in management and sales roles, which granted him an acquired taste to interact with people, create trust, and nurture business relationships. Usually, Rodrigo can be found having fun outdoors, gaming ,or practicing tennis or paddle tennis (he also practiced Judo, Football, Swimming and Rugby for almost 8 years) when not working.

He likes to laugh and make others laugh, values team chemistry a lot, and takes everything with a pinch of good humour. Has a big drive to be involved and know all aspects of Particle’s Operation.

Why did you join Particle Forward and what has kept you there?

I joined Particle Forward because I liked the medium/long-term vision that Martinho and Brian have for the company.

I also like the fact that we work in a flat hierarchy with an easy-going environment between everyone and where everyone’s input is valid. Every day I spend here I feel as if I'm helping build the company from the ground up, which means a lot to me.

The trust that this team puts on my shoulders makes me wanna give my best and help them achieve our goals. One thing that helps me a lot and makes me believe in the company is the excellence we put into our code, products, everything that comes out of our Engineering team is a well-thought-out, fail-proof idea - and that also helps me do my job.

What are the unique challenges of your role and how do you overcome them?

As a Business Development Manager, I deal with Particle Forward client-side operations. Since we’re a relatively new and developing company business-wise, it is not always easy to create an image of trust and quality in such a competitive market - even more, when we’re expanding to new markets like Scandinavia. Every day presents a new challenge, but from my point of view, this is a good thing, because it makes us want to evolve and adapt.

Rodrigo in one of the Retro meetings

What is your most memorable moment at Particle Forward?

I can only think of the first project I brought to PF directly through my work and efforts as a BDM/AM, because of what it means to myself and to the company.

The success of the first business is the assurance that we’re doing things the right way and a sign that the market is starting to trust us step by step.

It means that the sales and recruitment strategy in place, created by our team, are well implemented.

How do you spend your time out of work hours?

Well, it depends on the mood and time of year, but I’m a guy who can spend several hours in front of a computer playing something I like.

This doesn’t mean I'm not an outdoor guy, as I’ve always been involved in sports and have played rugby most of my life. More recently I have been investing a lot of time into tennis and paddle tennis.

Other than this, I’m a guy who doesn't need a lot of convincing to go out with friends or co-workers for activities or beers, dinner and beers, beers and dinner, beers and beers, you name it….

Rodrigo back in a day when he could still sprint 100m without stopping three times.

When are you happiest?

A perfect and full day for me is when I have some outdoor activities with my friends, and end it with a big group gathering with friends and girlfriends just telling stories and laughing. This is the moment when I realize that I’m the happiest.

What are your top 3 life highlights?

  • When I went to live by myself
  • When my dad came out of a stroke recovery without any long-term injuries.
  • When I made the U19 National rugby team

If given a chance, who would you like to be for a day?

Neil Armstrong on July 20, 1969 - I don’t think I need many words for space exploration, alien and sci-fi fans out there. It’s just who you would want to be, able to see the pale blue dot with your own eyes.

If you could witness any historical event live, what would it be?

Since it doesn’t mention the past or future, possible or not possible. I would definitely choose the day where Humanity finds/meets alien life. If we’re talking about the past only, most definitely witness the Big Bang.

What are the 3 most overused phrases at the moment? (i.e. not useful/worthwhile?)

  • Give 110% - Due to obvious reasons, it’s not possible to give more than 100% of a finite capacity. No need for further explanations (haha).
  • Not a phrase but people use ‘’Literally’’/’’Like’’, Literally/Like a lot.
  • I’m so blessed - Nothing against it but I think people just use it a lot and for that reason loses its meaning.

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