Say hi to Danielle – ORBA’s Head Of Operations, USA - the nicest PM you will ever meet!

Danielle Harvey
Danielle Harvey
Published: 28.09.2021

Let us direct our spotlights to Danielle Harvey, who runs our US branch. Without her involvement, ORBA would not have such freedom in maintaining relations with our partners. Danielle is at the heart of the process development and structure of our US organization. To let you feel what a person Danielle is, let's see the following quote from her:

“I am from all over the place! Was born in the USA and grew up in Mexico. For college, I moved back to the States where I moved around quite a bit. Eventually moved back to Mexico for a few years before making it back to the States. It's been a fun journey that has led to meeting many amazing people from countless backgrounds and cultures. This in turn has cultivated one of my greatest passions which is learning about the social history of peoples and places. It's fascinating!”

What were the circumstances of starting work in ORBA, what has kept you here?

ORBA happened by chance (or maybe it was meant to be??). After a tenure at Hewlett-Packard Mexico, my home zip code matched that of ORBA's office in the U.S. So my resume was matched! While the start was by chance, the passion for what we are able to create is what has kept me here.

ORBA always has its customer's best interest at the forefront of all solutions offered - and everyone is fully engaged to make sure solutions are delivered above and beyond any expectations.

What is your favorite way of spending time after work?

When off-work, I enjoy doing nothing! Yes, really, nothing. However, I am known to have some other hobbies which include the outdoors and mountain biking, gardening, and driving nowhere.

I may be known for indulging in the latest podcast or vlog about any random topic or relaxing in front of a Sunday crossword puzzle as well =)

If you could go back to any past moment of your life, what would you want to experience again?

I wouldn't. Even in the toughest of times, every moment is a unique experience with its unique learning opportunities.

Not all moments will be great, not all moments will be horrible, most moments will just be. But they have all had their time and place and I hold a deep appreciation for all of them.

Danielle Harvey

What are the greatest difficulties you face in your role? How do you deal with them?

Someone once gave me the soundest of advice: "Don't reply to an email at an hour in the day at which you will not want to commit to doing so long-term." Had I known this was probably the best piece of advice given to me, ever, I would have heeded it with greater care.

ORBA's employees work around the globe, so timezones can be very challenging, especially in a way to allow close collaboration across many - not only hours - but days.

What do you appreciate the most in working at ORBA?

One of the reasons I stay in ORBA is its employees. People are very knowledgeable, but more so, willing to learn and willing to help. Collaboration with peers on projects is easy when everyone is committed to the end goal.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Tik-Tok! No joke. It has some super funny cat videos on there which are great for a 5-minute de-stressor!

And maybe Madonna.. from the 80s and 90s.. full-volume so no one can hear me sing! Don't judge!

Get to know Danielle and her friends at ORBA!

We are happy with Danielle being part of our team at ORBA. She is a great colleague and represents the very best of our people! Also, Danielle is a great reflection of the personalities we attract at the company. 

She is a good spirit who inspires and supports everyone in achieving their chosen goals. In everyday cooperation, she spreads commitment and positive energy, which is really great support for everyone: both colleagues and our partners.

If you would like to contact Danielle and ask her questions about the details of projects execution at ORBA or meet any of us, let's get in touch, and we will make sure to introduce you.

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