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Sebastian Ożarek
Sebastian Ożarek
Published: 28.09.2021

Sebastian Ożarek comes from a small city near Warsaw. His main passion is watersports: he is a yacht captain and a certified freediver. Moreover, he is a windsurfer and kitesurfer. Sounds awesome, doesn’t he? When he is nowhere near the water, he loves to spend time with old, classic cars. In ORBA, Sebastian deals with many activities around developing: “I love when things go the right way. I like to help others, resolve conflicts, and give some positive energy to the team.” 

Apart from being a good soul in the team, he is also a top-class specialist in the Magento environment. It is great to see how passion is pushing the work forward - take a look at our short conversation with Sebastian to learn about the environment in our company.

What were the circumstances of starting work in ORBA, what has kept you here?

When I was starting work in ORBA it was a small company (headcount approx. 30 people in those days), and I was looking for a new challenge as a Junior Magento Developer.

Today ORBA has grown (there are over a hundred of us) and has helped me develop professionally. Nowadays, we successfully run large international projects, so I still have plenty of room to grow.

What are the greatest difficulties you face in your role? How do you deal with them?

Sometimes I overload myself. I would like to finish more tasks and things than is possible in such an amount of time.

I learn to deal with it not by taking on more hours, but by delegating some tasks to others. It works well when everyone is involved in the process.

What do you appreciate the most in working at ORBA?

What I appreciate the most is close contact with a client. At ORBA, I found many ways to develop myself (I mean soft skills and development skills, also). Feeling that the company trusts me in many areas is very important to me.

It makes me feel like I’m an important part of the ORBA family.

What is your favorite way of spending time after work?

As I mentioned earlier – my passion is watersports. I love sailing on a small racing boat, so I spend my free time practicing. I have also great fun playing with my pug and spending time with my girlfriend - not necessarily in that order 😊

Sebastian Ożarek

What makes you happy?

When the day ends with this feeling “I did the best I could.” Sometimes it is a good reason to celebrate, usually with something delicious to eat – success tastes best.

If you were able to have some superpower, what kind of superpower would it be?

It would be gills. I love water so much that this is obvious to me - gills would make me really happy. I think that immortality or teleportation might be ok (because I hate flying) but definitely, my favorite superpower would be having gills.

If you could go back to any past moment of your life, what would you want to experience again?

I don't think that I would like to experience anything once again. Maybe it could be the Trans-Atlantic sail, but I would rather aim for new goals in my life.

What is your guilty pleasure?

It's Lays potato chips, some beer, and Life with Louie (yes, it's a cartoon) :)

This is just a short introduction - I think it would be worth getting to know each other better!

Building advanced IT systems requires many elements. Technical excellence, yes, but also an understanding of business processes and creativity in taking the product to the highest possible level.

Sebastian has all these qualities and one more - the most important. Sebastian does not use the words "it cannot be done;" development tasks are always successfully implemented, even if it requires a very creative approach.

It is obvious that when passionate people take on IT tasks, the results are always awesome. Sebastian has been with ORBA for a long time, and he has a lot of experience in providing our clients with services on time and at the highest level. So does the rest of our team. Contact us and see how we can meet your e-commerce needs. We guarantee that you will be VERY satisfied (;

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