Meet Silvio, a Full Stack Developer who’s Passionate About Technology and Sports

Sílvio Neto
Sílvio Neto
Published: 12.11.2021

Say hello to Sílvio Neto. He has been with us since he graduated with a Computer Engineering degree 9 years ago. Now an integral part of the family Nexllence, he performs his role as a Full Stack Developer. In addition to technology, he is also passionate about sports. His favorite sport is football, and he has even started running. Will we be in the presence of the next Usain Bolt?

Learn more about Silvio and his team below.

Why did you join Nexllence, and what has kept you here?

I joined Nexllence through an internship program for recent graduates. This program was created by the Portuguese state to support companies and allow recent graduates the opportunity to work and have experience in their professional area. In my specific case, it was in informational engineering. I am currently a Computer Consultant in the application development department.

I’ve seen the company grow, and with it I also grew and evolved both professionally and personally. At Nexllence, every day we face new challenges, which allow us to overcome and keep us "alive". It's these challenges that make me grow.

How do you stay motivated at Nexllence?

In the development department, every day is a day of overcoming difficulties and every day we learn new things. That's what really motivates me. And even when things don't go as expected, it was certainly a day of lessons.

I started in a department where I learned a lot, but from the point of view of technical development, after 5 years, there wasn’t much more room to evolve. Nexllence allowed me to change departments so I could continue to evolve which motivated me greatly. I always felt the support of everyone in this department change which also made me more confident.

What do you like most about Nexllence?

At Nexllence what I like most are the people and the companionship that exists, not only in the entire department but throughout the company. As I said before, I've been in two different areas of development and the team spirit and support is the same. The same goes for other departments where we share projects and get to know each other.

Specialty from a Restaurant in Moledo, Northern Portugal.

How do you spend your time outside of the office?

I have always had and still have a huge passion for sport. I'm a football fan and I play football too. I was never a professional, but I always played football with my friends.

When I joined Nexllence, I thought this passion would end as my group of friends are 400km away. But oddly enough, I found a football group within Nexllence, where I was very well received and invited to play in tournaments between companies where we became champions.

Still, as the amount of games is not enough for me, I started running. I recently started doing half marathons and maybe one day I will go even further along this path of overcoming obstacles of running.

When are you the happiest?

I like to go for walks on the beach but not during the summer season, where there are normally lots of people. I am privileged to live near the sea and am able to take these tours with my family all year round.

I am very happy at lunch or dinner with family or friends. In this temporal space, we lose track of time. We talk about all the topics and take the opportunity to charge energy. It is at these lunches and dinners that I enjoy another one of my passions. Gastronomy and wines. I love trying new foods and tasting some of Portugal's wines, from the wide variety of options, that are of great quality.

How do you define success in life?

I believe that to succeed in life is to be truly happy and not happy in the eyes of others. Being happy and having the people you love with you is the real success for me.

On one of the Beautiful Beaches of Menorca.

What's your favorite line from a movie?

"If I'm Not Back In Five Minutes, Just Wait Longer. "- Ace Ventura

If given a chance, who would you like to be for a day?

I have a huge fascination for everything that involves ancient Egypt. If I could be anyone for a day, it would be Howard Carter, archaeologist and Egyptologist, responsible for several excavations and best known for having found the tomb of Tutankhamen in the Valley of the Kings.

What is the best vacation you've been to?

My best vacations were in Menorca, with my wife and daughter. As a family, on an island where we feel at home, with a range of options at our disposal, from the beach to the city. Menorca is enchanting and wild. It preserves nature in an unequaled way which allows tourists to enjoy the best of the island, nature and beaches. With crystal clear water, super pleasant temperature, good food and very friendly and welcoming people. Being able to walk along the trails in the middle of nature to reach some of the lesser known and difficult to access beaches was a unique experience for me that I will never forget and one I really want to repeat.

We are very happy to have Sílvio in our family that is Nexllence because he represents what we want to attract to the company. People with great adaptability, great flexibility, dynamic, and always happy. If you’d like to know more about Sílvio and the rest of his colleagues at Nexllence, just check out their vendor profile at, and we’ll be happy to schedule a meeting, for free!

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