A Federal Gymnast or a Full Stack Developer at Nexllence? Meet Claudia!

Claudia Sebastião
Claudia Sebastião
Published: 12.11.2021

Let’s get to know Claudia Sebastião! She’s been passionate about sports since she was a little girl, whilst pursuing her passion as a gymnast, she studied and got a part-time job to graduate. Her Bachelor's degree in Management and Masters degree in Information Systems Management led her to be a Functional Analyst as her first role. Nowadays, she’s a Software Programmer in our company. During her time off, she married a wonderfully charming military doctor and just had their first baby!

So, if you see her around, she’s always up to talking about long walks, the beach, gymnastics and babies.

How has Nexllence helped you in your career development?

Nexllence has helped me in my career development through ongoing coaching which has allowed me to learn a variety of new things. Previously, I studied Management at university. Afterwards, I went on to continue my education and studied Information System Management, before working at Nexllence.

It was at Nexllence where I had the opportunity to begin my career as a Full Stack Developer. It was here where I discovered that I like to create web applications, help clients solve their problems and generate suitable solutions. Software developers also give solutions to clients who often don’t know the best way to solve their problems. This has also helped me develop my career as I’m able to learn more when I have to solve problems.

What advice do you have for prospective Nexllence candidates?

This company gives you the opportunity to learn and gain understanding of different concepts. We have excellent senior developers available to support your professional development and they are very keen on coaching and are very accessible.

Nexllence offers information to employees, so that staff members are always up to date in the latest trends of technology. We have a good organisational culture, employees organise events outside of work so that employees are given the opportunity to go bowling, go karting and paint-balling.

You will love work at Nexllence, we have a lovely team which provides a family ambience and is a pleasure to work in.

What are 3 words to describe Nexllence?

People, Innovation and Quality.

A Kayak Event organized by our Team

How do you balance your career at Nexllence and friends & family?

It’s easy, working at Nexllence, I have time to support my family and friends. The work life balance ratio is definitely a bonus as my 8 month old child still requires a substantial amount of attention from me. There is no obligation to stay in the office after working hours to complete my work or to progress in my career.

I have built good relationships with people at work and I have invited some colleagues to my wedding, anniversary party and to my house. So I can definitely say that Nexllence has given me some really good friends.

What is your favorite sport?

My favorite sport is gymnastics. I have practiced the sport for 15 years. I really enjoy gymnastics as it helps me with the opportunity to perfect my strength, focus and agility. These are attributes which in turn help me at work when completing tasks and everyday life.

Through doing gymnastics I have been privileged to have entered competitions all over Europe. This is great as this has also allowed me to see different parts of the world, meet new people and understand different cultures.

Working with my gymnastics team has been a great experience and I was very lucky to have a supportive coach. This has provided me with the skill set to perfect my coordination and endurance. I typically carried out group gymnastics which meant my friends and I would compete against other gymnastics clubs.

Claudia’s first Eurogym - 2004, Finland

Are you an iOS or android type of person?

Despite the fact I like and use both forms of software, I tend to find myself preferring android. Therefore, I would say I’m an android type of person because unlike iOS software, android allows you to download a lot of apps and accepts the majority of downloads.

Understanding this concept would translate to the sort of person I am as I accept and respect everyone regardless of skin colour, religion, sexual orientation and gender. I feel this is a very important attribute to have.

If you were stuck on an island what three things would you bring?

Well it depends on what one would consider things. If I could consider my 8 month old child and my husband as things I would bring them. Honestly, they are my things, I need to care for them or else they would die! At home I need to cook, bathe my child and take care of his well-being.

It’s funny that sometimes what I want the most is to be stuck on an island to rest, but when someone asks me “what do you want to bring?”, I want to bring my child which is the very reason as to why I’m tired in the first place. I think it’s love!

I forgot something, a canoe, I don’t want a boat, I only want a canoe, it’s more romantic. Would we survive? A woman, a baby, her husband, and a canoe. In Portugal we have an expression which is “one love and a hut”, which means that love can tolerate everything.

If you had to eat one meal, every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Turkey steak with rice! For the rest of my life, no doubt about it! I love turkey steak and I never get tired of it! And a benefit of it is that it’s even healthy.

We are very grateful to have Cláudia as a part of our team at Nexllence as she represents the very best for our people and is a great reflection of the personalities we attract at our company. If you’d like to know more about Claudia and the rest of her colleagues at Nexllence, just check out their vendor profile at Pangea.ai, and we’ll be happy to schedule a meeting, for free!

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