Head of Sales: My journey at Merixstudio

Kamil Kaniuk
Kamil Kaniuk
Published: 01.02.2022

Partnership, trust, creativity, passion and growth - these are the values that are behind everything we do. The atmosphere is one of the key factors for Merixstudio; it’s more than just a regular workplace, it’s a place where we pursue passions, share knowledge, and grow on many levels.

Time to meet the Head of Sales at Merixstudio, Kamil!

What are your primary responsibilities and what does your day-to-day look like?

I regularly fill out the refrigerator. I put yellow sticky notes on my desktop, to which I add at least three new ideas a day (of which 2.5 will never be realized because of the lack of time).

Between meetings, I test the call quality on Skype. I'm writing a lot of e-mails and the whole sum could be transformed into the new scenario for "The Bold and the Beautiful."

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What have you gained from working at Merixstudio?

I’m self-taught. When I started working in Merixstudio, I had some experience in the field of online marketing, but most of the skills I acquired here. The ability to work with new technologies and customers from all over the world is very inspiring - not a day goes without learning something new.

How much has Merixstudio and your work changed since the beginning?

A lot of things changed, such as the already mentioned specialization. We evolved (but this process never stopped, and we are still making changes) from the company that is creating corporate websites to a well-organized software house with enormous creative potential and remarkable skills in creating games and HTML5 applications.

How do you work? What is important to you while working?

For eight years I'm trying to come to work before 8.00 and surprise my colleagues. Twice I succeeded.

My day starts with a carefully prepared breakfast, without which I am not able to focus on my tasks.

I don’t like staring at my monitor for too long, so I am quickly looking for alternative ways to spend eight hours working a day.

Recently I received a gift from my brilliant team - Thank you all!

What did your beginnings at Merixstudio look like?

I started as a Project Manager. My initial responsibilities were a bit different than the current ones (if you have not guessed, now I lead the Business Development department :-))

At that time the company may have had little more than ten people, so I dealt with many things at once: PM, sales, marketing, application testing, recruiting new employees, social media, content, etc.

Currently, these duties are divided among a lot of people.

What do you like most about working at Merixstudio?

The distance from my home and the fact that the route from home to work takes no more than 15 minutes by bike. Besides, I appreciate the independence and the opportunity to realize my ideas. I think the climate of the corporation based on stress and excessive rivalry is not for me.

Get to know Kamil and the rest of the Merixstudio team!

We’re delighted that Kamil decided to join Merixstudio – it’s been great having them on board! If you have any questions or want to get to know Kamil or one of their colleagues from the Merixstudio team, we can put you in touch. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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