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Masimo Orbanic
Published: 09.05.2023

The soul of Pangea.ai’s brand is making human connections. Our tech partners continue to build and strengthen our community’s DNA. We are very proud to have Lloyds digital as part of our circle, whose unique individuals now inspire and empower all of our team members.

Time to meet the Mid Mobile app developer at Lloyds digital, Masimo!

Why did you join Lloyds digital, and what has kept you here?

I was fresh out of collage and lloyds looked like a good company to build up my skills. At first I was a PHP developer but there was a bigger need for Javascript developer, and it looked like a step in the right direction so I joined to the React Native team and I've been doing it for 5 years. Good atmosphere in the office and challenging projects kept me in the company. Also people in lloyds are fun to work with, very happy with them on professional and non-professional level

One of woodworking projects

Are you an iPhone or android type of person?

I' an Android type of person. Since I'm mobile app developer I have broad knowledge about both iOS and Android operating systems. The phone that I have is the best that is on Android and it is Google Pixel, which I look at like a Anrdoid version of iOS. By that I mean that there is no third party software that is trying to push it's software

Do you have any hobbies, go-to weekend activities, or long-term passion projects you’re working on?

I'm having a lot of interests and hobbies, but the main ones are gardening and woodworking. I like woodworking because, unlike software development, there is phyical representstion of the work that is done. Also I like designing parts, and problem solving involved in the process. Form gardening the biggest thing that I do is olive oil

What advice do you have for prospective Lloyds digital candidates?

I would give them advice to be very flexible and open minded. The IT industry is very difficult to keep track with, there are always new things. So ability to learn new things and keep intetest with the new stuff that are coming is very inportant. Also keep in mind that if some problems look unsolvable, if you keep focus and persistsnce you will solve the problem.

Planting two new olive trees next to old ones

What did you want to be when growing up?

When I was little a wanted to be an installer of electrical instalations in the house. I thought of it as very challenging and sketchy job where you did not have a lot od room for error. Also there is a part of it connected with planning and problem solving skills so that looked like a fun job that will never get boring

How do you balance your career at Lloyds digital and friends & family?

I balance it very well. The company does not have strict working hours so i can start working on 7am or 9am if I need to, which gives me time to take care some of the personal stuff. There is never need to stay extra hours and that is great! Also boss is very acceptable if you need a day off for something

Get to know Masimo and the rest of the Lloyds digital team!

We’re delighted that Masimo decided to join Lloyds digital – it’s been great having them on board! If you have any questions or want to get to know Masimo or one of their colleagues from the Lloyds digital team, we can put you in touch. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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