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Keilian Knudsen
Ena Crnoja
Published: 03.05.2023

The soul of Pangea.ai’s brand is making human connections. Our tech partners continue to build and strengthen our community’s DNA. We are very proud to have Lloyds digital as part of our circle, whose unique individuals now inspire and empower all of our team members.

Time to meet the Junior UX/UI designer at Lloyds digital, Ena!

Do you have any hobbies, go-to weekend activities, or long-term passion projects you’re working on?

My hobbies are fitness (gym), playing guitar&singing and mountain biking. My go-to weekend activities include mountain biking on Medvednica (Sljeme) with my boyfriend, sometimes hiking or just walking in nature. Any kind of outdoor and recreational activities are my go-to weekend activities.....

Mountain-biking on Medvednica

Before working at Lloyds digital, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

The most unusual job I've ever had was working in a hotel primarily as a receptionist, but I also was a waitress and a cook at the same time. So, the guest would come to a hotel, I would make a check-in at the reception if he wants to drink coffee, I make him a coffee, if he wants to eat something, I prepare a meal (cook) and serve...It was 3 jobs in 1.

How has Lloyds digital helped you in your career development?

My current company helped me in my career development by giving me a chance to work with them. This is my very first job in this career and it means a lot to me. I have colleagues I can learn from and I'm grateful for that. I'm looking forward to gaining experience and learning even more, so I can provide as much value as I can as a designer in this company.

What's your favorite quote, or motto?

"You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them." - this quote helped me to understand that I have to believe in myself when I'm trying to achieve something I might think that I'm not able to achieve. It could be a fitness goal, financial goal, or job goal...It always pushed me forward and helped me to believe I can do something.

Playing guitar in the orchard

How do you define success in life?

My definition of success in life is, first of all having a loving partner and family. After that, having a job that you love and that provides a good work-life balance and having some kind of financial freedom so that you are able to experience life without limitations (because money is often a limitation to many things in life).

What did you want to be when growing up?

When I was a kid I wanted to be a teacher when I grow up. I was often playing school in my room where I'm a teacher. I was writing on the wooden door with chalk and pretending I have a class and that was also the way I was learning for my real classes - the subject we were learning in real class in school, I would "teach" my imaginary students later at home. 😂

Get to know Ena and the rest of the Lloyds digital team!

We’re delighted that Ena decided to join Lloyds digital – it’s been great having them on board! If you have any questions or want to get to know Ena or one of their colleagues from the Lloyds digital team, we can put you in touch. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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