The KindGeek evolution by Ivan, Senior Business Analyst

Ivan Hrabovskyi
Ivan Hrabovskyi
Published: 06.04.2022

KindGeek has been for 7 years on the market; we’ve grown into a team of 180+ geeks, and we’re continuing to expand across all areas of the company. Fintech is our key domain with over 80% of the projects in the industry, but we also work in Education, Media, Retail, and Healthcare. We believe in a product-oriented approach and build products focusing on the final users.

Time to meet the Senior Business Analyst at KindGeek, Ivan!

Describe the beginning of your career. How did you start?

I did not work in my specialty after graduating from university but worked as a translator of English and for some time I had enough income. However, after the Revolution of Dignity in 2013, I started thinking about a career in IT. My friends, whom we used to play intellectual games with, recommended that I try myself as a QA engineer. I passed QA courses, and after a long time of looking for a job, I finally joined KindGeek.

I have been working at KindGeek for 5 years now.

Ivan while filming KindGeek Stories

Do you have anything that was difficult for you in the beginning and is very easy now?

When you just start doing something new, everything seems easy. Only when you dive deep into the task, you realize that it was not that simple at all. When I worked on my first project, at first I thought it would be straightforward, but the more you get to know the specifics – the more complex it becomes.

When I joined the other project as a Business Analyst, I was expecting difficult tasks with quite complex algorithms. Then it seemed challenging, but now I understand how it could be done faster and more efficiently. It is all about the experience.

Why did you switch to business analysis?

My transition to business analysis happened naturally. At that time our project needed a BA and we also had enough QAs. It was a chance for me to try something new – and I did. I took responsibility and learned in the process. Anyway, it was the best decision for the project at that point since I knew the specifics very well. It was a spontaneous step, but I felt fully supported by the company and my team.

In general, I think that QA and BA are the two sides of the coin. Both require thinking of user behavior. What distinguishes them is that BA thinks of a product from the design side, while QA focuses on the quality. Thus, my QA background was really useful in business analysis – I could take into account the specifics of the product ahead of time.

How did the company change over the years?

I will make a list of what has changed and what has not changed.


Like many young companies, KindGeek started with a few chairs, tables, and a garage. We had that young spirit. We were bold enough to take risks, take every opportunity, work overtime, and rush. That is what helped us grow into who we are today. We try to keep that young spirit in terms of openness to ideas, but our processes changed completely.

Now we work on a different level – with more technically complex projects, enterprise clients, better processes, innovative technologies, mature employees.

Has not changed:

What I really like about KindGeek is the ability to openly communicate any challenges with C-level and colleagues. KindGeek always feels like home.

Ivan's team while winning the intellectual competition

What did you take from working at KindGeek?

KindGeek gave me a specialty. It gave me 2 professions, two specialties, which I basically learned from scratch. For a long time, I have been BA on the project, but I can always help the team and combine work with QA for a while in case of emergency.

This is the main thing that KG gave me – two professions that I know very well.

Describe your work at KindGeek in three phrases.

To me, working at KindGeek was always interesting, challenging, and fascinating. I could also feel the responsibility that everyone here is ready to take. It is also much about friendship – I could build quality relationships with my teammates.

For me, KindGeek is about people, honesty, and trust.

Get to know Ivan and the rest of the KindGeek team!

We’re delighted that Ivan decided to join KindGeek – it’s been great having them on board! If you have any questions or want to get to know Ivan or one of their colleagues from the KindGeek team, we can put you in touch. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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