Growing up with KindGeek by Yuliana, Head of Recruiting

Yuliana Hladysh
Yuliana Hladysh
Published: 06.04.2022

KindGeek has been for 7 years on the market; we’ve grown into a team of 180+ geeks, and we’re continuing to expand across all areas of the company. Fintech is our key domain with over 80% of the projects in the industry, but we also work in Education, Media, Retail, and Healthcare. We believe in a product-oriented approach and build products focusing on the final users.

Time to meet the Head of Talent Acquisition at KindGeek, Yuliana!

Describe the beginning of your career. How did you start?

I will have my 6th anniversary in KindGeek in April of 2022.

When I started working at KindGeek, I knew very little about how HR and IT recruiting work. As an HR Generalist, I did many different things – from recruiting to event management and office work. It is when I started to understand what I wanted to do.

Yuliana, Head of Talent Acquisition

Why did you choose to become a recruiter?

My favorite part about recruiting is meeting new people every day. At some point in my HR career, I understood that I love diving deep into people's personalities, and building quality relationships with them, but it is not really what I am up to. Most of the people that work at KindGeek have unique personalities, but I do not have the inner resources to give away as much energy as an HR has to give. It is when I understood that getting to know people, and exploring their personalities is what fuels me and gives me inner resources. Recruiting turned out to be a challenging process where I could always learn new things and see the result.

How did the company change over the years?

KindGeek is not the same company as it was 6 years ago when I started working here. People who think that I have been working for one company for 6 years are deeply mistaken. There were at least 6 different companies. I remember how the company changed in the number of people, processes, approaches, etc.

Now, after 6 years, I see that the company has become mature. We set processes and built mechanisms that allowed us to be efficient in our work. It did not happen in one day – we were constantly enhancing the approach for years. We have become mature in the way we function as a company.

Seeing my company grow and evolve has been truly inspiring.

What did you take from working at KindGeek?

I can say that KindGeek made me who I am now. I have been working here since I was 22 years old. I am now 28, so it was quite a fundamental time of my life. It is exactly that time when one’s identity, values, and desires for life are being formed. The company has given me an understanding of where I can be useful and where I can grow.

Yuliana has been actively volunteering and supporting Ukraine in Canada

Describe your work at KindGeek in three phrases

For me, KindGeek is all about trust.

The first association is Micle, our CTO. I have been communicating with him a lot throughout my whole career.

The second is the feeling of freedom to be who you are. I could always feel the support from the C-level and colleagues, and get feedback or advice if I needed it. This made the work process much easier and much more productive.

The third is speed. Our work has been pretty intensive and full of challenges. At KindGeek, everything moves at high speed, and everyone who joins us immediately joins the ride. There is no time to hesitate, we just do it.

Who you wanted to become when you were a child?

As a child, I dreamed of getting a letter from Hogwarts, and just like many little girls, I wanted to become an actress or a singer.

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