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Kateryna Malets
Kateryna Malets
Published: 30.04.2022

Inoxoft works in the environment of so-called us - cozy kaizen. At Inoxoft we strive for continuous improvements while doing this we ensure a pleasant environment for our employees. We maintain a strong corporate culture based on our values - realize, improve, care, and be sharp. Inoxofters respect and value each other, build trusting relationships and ensure a Healthy Work Environment. We appreciate effective two-way communication and believe that everyone is responsible for that in everyday work life.

Time to meet the Senior Project Manager, Project Management Office Lead at Inoxoft, Kateryna!

How has Inoxoft helped you in your career development?

I am grateful to Inoxoft for the opportunity to implement my ideas and initiativeness. During these years I`ve had constant professional growth and have obtained new responsibilities every year.  It is amazing that when you want to get new skills or try yourself on a new position, the company is very eager to help you with it.  Also, I want to highlight that all my managers always find time to provide feedback or advice when I need this. This attitude at Inoxoft helps you to thrive.


What is your favorite part about working for Inoxoft?

I really admire the people at Inoxoft. There are a lot of very interesting personalities with different experiences and skills. I am lucky to work with very smart people because it motivates me to improve myself as well. Also, they are always eager to participate in any initiative. You can just ask for help in `random` chat and the next moment you get dozens of answers. Nowadays, all of us are taking part in different volunteering activities and donating money to help our country and people who suffer from the war. It is amazing to observe how proactive people at Inoxoft are in these activities.

Why did you join Inoxoft, and what has kept you here?

I joined the company, because I like values we have and I share it as well. I keep working here because there are still plenty of interesting assignments for me. I never get bored with the projects and tasks I have. I appreciate moments when my team and I have synergy and provide outstanding results. I was promoted at Inoxoft and know my next goals that I want to achieve. All these things keep me focused and I want to bring more value here.

What are your three most overused words/phrases?

I know a lot of Proverbs and Sayings and I like to use it when my team and I have difficulties on a project. For example:

-When someone realizes the his/her to do list is longer than expected , I wish him: `May the force be with you` ( from Star Wars)

- When someone tells me that he/she doesn't know how to solve a bug: I am joking with the phrase: The devil is not so black as he is painted.

- When we met some obstacles during development - I am joking and explaining it with Mercury Retrograde.

P.S. I use it as jokes and it is not the only help I am providing to my team 😀😁😁

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How do you define success in life?

When you do what you like and do it great. It should bring fulfillment and it is important to realize that you are better now than you were a year ago. You can measure it by achievements at work, by achievements in personal life or relations with people. The most important thing is to keep all areas of your life in balance.

If you were stuck on an island what three things would you bring?

I would bring 3 more people. I suppose each one of them also will be able to bring 3 things and this is how we have 9 things and 4 people=) Project Management taught me that with a good team you can do much more than alone by yourself.

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