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Merim Bungur
Merim Bungur
Published: 10.12.2021

Infinity Mesh guarantees solutions that will yield you greater innovation, higher velocity, and return on investment that has a major impact on your bottom line. We specialize in startups, mid-market, and mature-market transformations that support you through your growth lifecycle and enhance business reach and impact. We work with leading brands such as Unilever, Lexus, and Valtech.

Time to meet the Senior Lead Software Engineer at Infinity Mesh, Merim!

Why did you join Infinity Mesh, and what has kept you here?

Right after I got married, I was in between jobs and was wondering what to do next when an old friend contacted me with a proposition to collaborate on a one-off project. It was an interesting little project dealing with image mapping and creating a custom editor for laboratory-scale images (very large data, sometimes 2GB per image).

One project lead to another, and apart from technical skills I mostly stuck because I appreciated how projects I was involved with were being managed. Engineers had a larger degree of control here, and emphasis was placed on requirements analysis, compromising when an ideal solution was not available, and communicating potential risks as early as possible.

This usually leads to very good communication with clients, and as long as expectations are properly managed in these transactions they always end up being a great success.

The classic

In your opinion, what are the hallmark traits of a great developer?

Not losing sight of the big picture. Whenever things change in relation to the big picture, things should be re-evaluated (with a predetermined degree of depth) and key people should be kept in the loop. Anything you can do yourself from start to end you take ownership of it, and if you need help never be afraid to communicate.

Communicating potential issues and frustrations in due time saves you tons of trouble later on. The best analogy for me is to think about any project as an organism, neglect only leads to sickness and decay. As long as you have reliable people that do regular checkups and make sure parts are working cohesively it's smooth sailing.

What do you find to be the most exciting aspect of Infinity Mesh?

Getting recognition for the effort that you put in never stops feeling amazing and it should not be neglected.

Every company likes a challenging but doable project. It's a gold mine that can be marketed well as a tremendous company achievement. But there is a problem when people work under pressure for a longer period of time and nobody has the time or bothers to give words of encouragement or recognition. This leads to people quitting their job because they don't feel appreciated.

Celebrating small steps, positive attitude and moderate praise when it is justified makes people appreciate their efforts, feel that it was worth it, and keeps them looking forward to their workday

Before working at Infinity Mesh, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

My first job was data entry and I did not hate it at all. I look fondly at the time spent entering data from various business papers into excel. I've made myself some formulas to double-check if I made any mistakes to speed up my data entry speed.

My goal was to speed through every day and I used the remaining time to observe company processes.

In the end, I worked on and completed an application that improved sales management. In spite of everyone telling me how data entry was a very sad job and the only reason, that company hired me as an outside associate was because no one on the inside wanted to do it.

Team building Istanbul

What has been your favourite project at Infinity Mesh?

Pioneer Automation Testing Framework we did as a basis for our other projects. I was heavily involved in that one and it was a huge success from start to end. I always look fondly on that one.

Are you an iPhone or Android type of person?

I am an Android person. I used to hate brand obsession with Apple, but nowadays I can see what their appeal is and who they cater to and their marketing has always been impressive, hate it or not.

Get to know Merim and the rest of the Infinity Mesh team!

We’re delighted that Merim decided to join Infinity Mesh – it’s been great having them on board! If you have any questions or want to get to know Merim or one of their colleagues from the Engineering team, we can put you in touch. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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