Picking the brains of Lucas, the Full Stack Developer at Hypernova Labs

Lucas Cabrales
Lucas Cabrales
Published: 10.08.2021

Meet Lucas Cabrales. He started working with us in 2016, and his growth has been exponential since those early college years. Today, he is an essential part of our front-end and mobile team, working to deliver new applications and continuous development of our Software as a Service system. When he is not working, he is traveling with his friends and family, improving his chess skills, and playing video games.

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Lucas in action at our office in Panama, brainstorming for an innovative solution with the team.

Why did you join Hypernova Labs, and what has kept you here?

I first joined Hypernova Labs back in 2016 while I was still in college. I was then looking for a part-time opportunity to sharpen my software development skills and get some real-life experience while finishing my degree.

During my time at Hypernova Labs, my skills have grown rapidly and exponentially, thanks to the support of everyone on the team and the various challenges I faced.

I left in late 2018 to explore different horizons and learn more about the software world. The outside experience only led me back into Hypernova Labs in early 2021, seeking a stable and long-term work relationship, using everything I have learned to be a part of the continuous growth and improvement here.

Working at Hypernova Labs feels like you are part of a true team, a family. Everyone is supportive and helpful, working towards the same common goal: delivering quality software.

What are some of the unique challenges you face in your role, and how do you overcome them?

Every day at Hypernova Labs there is a new challenge to overcome; usually, it is problem-solving related to an ongoing project or a new innovative solution. One of the perks of working in a decent-sized team is that you have a lot of resources and minds available. No matter how busy everyone is, there will always be time to help someone who is having issues.

Here at Hypernova Labs, our knowledge is composite, we all complement each other in every field and resource. There is always someone that knows something that will help you overcome any obstacles you might encounter.

Even if no one can help you, they still provide you with quality insight that helps with your investigation and problem-solving skills.

What is your most memorable moment at Hypernova Labs?

My most memorable moment at Hypernova Labs was when we—as a small team of five or six engineers—started designing, planning, and developing our first Software as a Service in 2018.

Being involved in many stages of a new product, from the initial sketches to seeing it live and working three years later is very rewarding.

Hypernova Labs participated in a football league for companies at the City of Knowledge, Panama in 2018

How do you spend your time outside of the office?

I usually distract myself by binging a series or watching a movie when I can, it’s a good escape from reality and gives me peace of mind.

When I’m feeling more competitive, I like to play a few games of online blitz chess, which allows me to stay sharp and improve my chess skills.

At times, all I want to do is disconnect and relax, and for that, I find that spending time with my family is very helpful, either by participating in an activity or simply by conversing.

And finally, most of my outside-of-the-office time is spent playing all types of video games, from the super-competitive games to the more relaxed and slow-paced ones.

When are you the happiest?

When your life is full of small and special moments, it’s hard to pinpoint the happiest. Nevertheless, if I had to choose, I would say I’m happiest when I’m traveling and getting to know the world outside my home, especially when in good company.

How do you balance your career at Hypernova Labs and friends & family?

I try to put a boundary between work and life when I am working remotely. My family knows not to disturb me while I’m on office hours unless it’s necessary. They provide me with enough space for me to concentrate on getting things done as if I were at the office.

However, I look forward to having lunch with my family every day. We use that time to discuss life topics and ongoing matters, which only brings us closer.

In one of Lucas’s many destinations, Mer de Glace, France, with his grandfather

Are you an iPhone or Android type of person?

Given my main specialty, which is native mobile development for Android and iOS, I shouldn’t play favorites when it comes to projects. However, speaking of daily and personal usage, I favor Android all the way.

Nowadays, I could never spend almost a thousand dollars for a smartphone that I would barely take advantage of, in comparison to a mid-level Android phone. And because of that, I have always used Android.

Do you have an office nickname? What is it?

During my first phase at Hypernova Labs, everyone at the office used to call me “Fabri” which was short for “Fabricio”. The fun fact is that my name is not Fabricio, nor do I have anything related to that.

I got that nickname because one of my co-workers didn’t know my name during my first week and he once called me Fabricio out of nowhere. The name stuck. After I came back this year, nobody calls me that anymore, which I am secretly glad for.

What's your motto or personal mantra?

I like to use the phrase Ancora Imparo, which means “Yet, I am still learning”, often attributed to Michelangelo. It is the essence of what I thrive to be, someone who has a thirst for knowledge and is always eager to learn something new.

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