A Panda That Always Brings Value to Projects and Teams: PM Maša

Maša Pogorevc
Maša Pogorevc
Published: 02.12.2021

Meet Maša, our panda loving product manager and business strategist that is also a big Yoggie. Maša with her heart and depth of job experience takes care of establishing solid project teams, meeting deadlines and delivering the highest possible value while still meeting the strategic goals of HiGroup and making all look like fun.

What drew you to product management? Have you always worked in project/product management roles?

I dipped my toes into project management whilst I was still studying, as I joined our Student Section of the Slovenian Marketing Association. We were a bunch of crazy driven and passionate individuals, who just loved marketing and pushing the limits. Working in teams on projects and then progressing into management has shown me that this is where I feel that special spark.

Working with talented individuals who are passionate and who want to grow, try new approaches, are not afraid to fail - is what inspires me and where I see that I can contribute by being a part of the team. And also my problem-solving fascination plays a little part ;)

I worked mostly in some kind of a project/product management role, starting at an advertising agency, progressing to an Implementation Specialist at an eHealth company and then I found my passion for product management.

What is the favourite part about working for HiGroup?

Working with amazing individuals and sharing the same vision for the future. I love the culture and work environment at the office, always having someone to ask for feedback, go for a quick coffee chat or just hang out after work for a beer or two.

The other part is the challenging and future-driven projects, having the opportunity to push the limits and try out new technologies with our team is inspiring.

How did you first learn about HiGroup?

This is quite a fond memory, as I first learned about HiGroup at a developers pre-conference gathering in Berlin more than 3 years ago.

I went there with my former coworker and we were both in awe when we heard the story of HiGroup - how four young, talented individuals are building their dreams.

Meeting two fellow IT enthusiasts from our home town in Slovenia was serendipity.

And the encounter has left such an impact on me that we became friends and now after 3 years when they reached out, I had no hesitation to join their amazing team.

Asia adventure

Top three life highlights?

Firstly was the move to Vienna and spending two years working and living there. Waking up every day and going to work seeing all the beautiful architecture and spending my free time enjoying the bespoke cinemas, art exhibitions, concerts,... and also being able to speak german, was really overall one of the big life-changing highlights.

Secondly would be my solo backpacking trip to Bali. Adventure, new friendships, amazing food and tranquil nature, were just the perfect remedy. I was always drawn to Asia, probably because of all the anime I watched when I was young, so to experience the culture in person was really a dream come true. I can't wait for my next adventure in Asia :)

Thirdly, I would like to combine the moments when we as a team succeeded on different projects. I have so many memories of when the hard work and dedication paid off and we celebrated our little and big wins together.

How do you spend your time outside of the office?

Mostly - or well before corona I spend my time planning my next adventure. I love to research and plan my trips, I probably enjoy it as much as the trip itself.

Otherwise, in the morning one can always find me on the yoga mat with my cat Luna also joining for a Shavasana at the end of the practice.

Lately, I have been fully indulging in redesigning my family vacation home in Croatia. I have a passion for interior design and I love to get creative with DIY projects and sometimes I also dare to try out some handy works on my own.

What sparks joy for you?

Spending time with my close friends, reading an inspiring book or doing yoga at my house in Croatia on the terrace looking at the sunset. I would say the little moments in life, when i can really enjoy the now, being present and just standing still.

On the professional level seeing each individual on my team to be excited, happy and inspired.

Birthday surprise

If you were an animal what would you be?

No doubt here - I would be a Panda, as most of my friends would confirm. One lovely birthday I even got a drawing of me as a panda from one of my friends, it is to this day my screen background and the original is travelling with me anywhere I move.

If you could only drink one beer for the rest of your life, what would it be?

This is a hard question, as I do love to indulge and try out new craft beers, but my heart will always beat a little bit faster for Laško. This is our Slovenian lager - I would say the best one ;) and it just sparks that little special joy when you first taste it, and by first I mean every time you take the first sip.

When I was living in Vienna, this was, besides my friends, the main thing that I missed the most. So you can also imagine how my visits home played out :)

What was the last concert you attended?

The last and probably one of the best concerts I attended was Jon Bellion in Berlin. It was such an intimate setting and being there with my best friends was just amazing.

Jon Bellion excitement

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