Never stop exploring; Radosław, Head of Growth

Agata Kukwa
Agata Kukwa
Published: 06.07.2021

Meet Radosław Szmit. He has been with since 2020 and acts as Head of Growth. Radosław is a business person. Organizer. He is constantly pushing for more and always looking for new things. He never stops exploring: opportunities, chances, people, technologies. He has been involved with software, startups, product development, and all related to the digital world for over 15 years.

There are no borders that can not be crossed.

How did it happen that you joined

After graduating with several degrees in IT, social sciences, business management, and English in Poland and Scotland, he supported Polish companies in their quest for international growth. Since 2008 he helped to create over 400 IT workplaces for several Polish software houses, established a global presence and offshore locations for some of the big names in the fintech, consulting or IoT and hardware industries, and is dedicated to promoting Poland as an ideal place for nearshore or offshore locations for software development.

Last year I ended my two-years long engagement for another software house. After a few weeks of holidays, I posted information on LinkedIn that I am open to new opportunities. It did not take long when I received several requests to start discussions and explore possibilities. After careful and concrete discussions with the C-level, Sales, and Communication team, we decided to start working together.

Although I am located 500km from head office, I loved the process. They were open for remote support and occasional visits to the beautiful Gdańsk (yet another benefit for me to go to the Polish seaside from time to time). Furthermore, I liked the atmosphere of the company: well-developed company culture, flat structure, quick decision process. And one clear goal: to use the extraordinary skills and experience of the team to grow internationally and provide R&D skills and knowledge to companies from all over the world.

What is interesting about your job?

One cannot be passive when developing business, marketing, and improving organizations internally. All this is about growth. I can also use various skills: foreign language, psychology, and social sciences knowledge gathered back at the university and mix it with strict IT and management skills. It allows me to stay on track with the latest digital trends and R&D projects. It pushes me to explore, never stop, look for new opportunities, meet new people, go to places around the world.

What are your roles and responsibilities?

Head of Growth is about linking business, marketing, technology, and operational dots. It is about finding opportunities in real-time and making quick decisions based on data. I also feel it is about responsibility for other’s development and work happiness - if I manage to bring exciting and challenging projects to the software team - they will love it because it will push their skills and knowledge further.

Radek conquers peaks metaphorically and literally.

What was interesting about studying in Scotland?

I studied English before, and it was always tempting to go abroad. Once Poland joined the EU (back in the days when the UK was part of the EU), I immediately used the chance. I decided to study in Scotland to broaden my knowledge, meet people, and learn more about British culture. It was a great adventure, and Scotland and Scottish people play a significant role in my personal development, and I owe them a lot. Not to mention the beauty of the country which I traveled to many times.

What are your passions?

Generally speaking - all kinds of sports! From cycling and football to hiking. Movement and competitions are something which has always played a significant role in my life. It is also about meeting people, trying to be better and improve your skills. Or just to stay fit :)

Would you change anything in your career path?

I probably would change… back 10 or 15 years ago. But nowadays, I think that all of the decisions I made so far and experiences I had built up to who I am now and how I perform or provide services from the first jobs as bartender or bike mechanic to VP Business Operations recently. It is about finding good things, positive aspects, and improving on the weak ones with the courage to be open to constructive criticism.

Radek is the one keeping our tech team busy.

Your first name must be a tongue twister for some international people you meet. Can you explain its meaning?

Indeed it is sometimes! Radosław is an old Slavic name meaning “the one who would like to be famous” or “the one who is joyful.” Sometimes I use short versions of my name, Radek (also used often in Czechia) or Rado, which is much easier to pronounce by non-Slavic people.

If you had one superpower, what would it be?

Most likely to influence countries and governments to apply all measures possible entirely to stop climate change. I care a lot about the environment around me, and often I am sorry for the future generations who will have to tackle the climate change problems on a much more challenging level than we do nowadays. However, we should strive as much as possible to minimize the changes now as the consequences in 10 or 20 years will be tragic.

Had COVID never happened, where would you like to travel?

Most likely… Scotland :D I planned to go for a business trip to Scotland in March 2020, but COVID stopped me. The last time I flew was back in December 2019, and currently, any place in Europe or North America would be great to go and see!

Meet Radoslaw and the rest of the unique team!

We are proud that people like Radosław want to work in our company. Members of our team do space projects, work in robotic associations, or run football teams. If you would like to learn more about how we combine great projects at work with significant initiatives in our spare time - contact us!

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