Celebrating life with Agata, Head of Digital Communications

Agata Kukwa
Agata Kukwa
Published: 06.07.2021

Meet Agata, Head of Communications at DAC.digital. After 10+ years of international PR & marketing experience for dozens of digital and high-tech businesses, she found her place in the DAC.digital team. Agata is also an entrepreneur, product development & market research advisor with a science & tech journalism background.

Agata is always looking ahead to new adventures.

What brought you to DAC.digital?

I’ve always been looking for exciting projects and exciting organizations to work for. So when I am open to new challenges, I post the info on social media to let my network know I am available.

Just before joining DAC.digital I was working remotely from Singapore and hoped to find a new project where the team does not mind my drive for travels and rare visits to the office.

When Przemek, CEO at DAC.digital, reached out to me on LinkedIn saying they are looking for someone to take care of the communications in the company, I didn’t think long. I knew the management team for several years since we were all part of the same business ecosystem in Gdańsk. So there was no doubt that it was an opportunity tailored to my needs.

How come you made it so long?

I have always loved science and the scientific approach to tech and business development. DAC.digital is a data-driven company in all aspects of the organization, which makes the work efficient. And I love working with scientists and engineers.

Aside from our products and services, there is a wide range of R&D projects running in the background. It means that I constantly need to be up to date with emerging technologies and their potential applications and market opportunities.

It brings dynamics to my everyday work and endless possibilities to learn, and I can not imagine being happy at work without it.

You have worked with dozens of companies. What makes DAC.digital so unique?

What makes DAC.digital unique is the team. For the first time in my career, I joined an organization where each team member is an intriguing individual with very high standards for work quality and devotion.

The management team respects the work-life balance, which is crucial to me as I enjoy celebrating life. I feel that my work is seen and appreciated, but what is more important, it makes the change. I found DAC.digital, a company with high standards, and I like it a lot.

One person in the Growth Team at DAC.digital will always take a selfie when the opportunity comes.

Chemistry is your educational background. So why did you switch to communications?

I couldn’t imagine myself doing a 9-5 job in the laboratory for the rest of my life. However, I’ve had the entrepreneurial spirit, so I decided to try this path, and I’ve opened my first business, a secondhand shop in the heart of Gdańsk Old Town. A year later, I was already running a small marketing agency, and this is how my journey with digital communications started.

To be honest, I have never looked back to chemistry. However, the knowledge I gained at the university helped me a lot in my work. A deep understanding of technology and engineering was the most important thing I learned. It makes it much easier to describe new products based on some emerging tech if I can understand the basics without considerable effort.

You are often introduced as a digital nomad. What does it mean to you?

Since I work primarily with digital communications, I find it very inefficient to work from the office every day. When I start a new working day, all I need is a laptop, smartphone, access to the internet, and some electricity.

In the beginning, I’ve been mainly traveling to conferences and industry events as a speaker, mentor, or moderator. It required an adaptation to remote working since I did not want to leave the work behind.

Then I started exploring longer trips to places like Romania or Singapore. However, there is something that always brings me back to Gdańsk. It is the city I call home.

What do you usually say when asked about hobbies?

It is the most awkward question I could get since I don’t find myself in hobbies. I am definitely not a workaholic, but I enjoy what I do professionally, and I am continuously amazed by the awesomeness of the internet.

I do not feel like I need an activity to relax the brain. It sounds weird for some, but my job is kind of a hobby to me.

Agata has her phone or camera glued to her hand not to miss any moment worth documenting. The content does not create itself.

Is it true that you can lift 110kg from the floor?

I used to lift 110kg from the floor, if we want to be precise. I’ve been training powerlifting for several years before the Covid-19 pandemic hit. My record in the exercise called deadlift was 110kg. The other two activities performed by powerlifters are squat and the bench press.

There is a lot of content about it on my Instagram. So feel free to have a look.

You have adopted a dog. What is the story behind it?

I believe adoption is the only way we should get pets. I did not consider any other scenario with so many homeless animals since I don’t care about the dog breed if it is supposed to be a companion, with so many homeless animals if it is not a working dog.

A lot of people are afraid of adopting dogs from shelters, but there is a lot of stereotypes and misinformation about it. Covers and foundations are full of people who will be more than happy to support new owners before and after the adoption. There is nothing to be afraid of.

There are gossips about your laziness. Could you elaborate?

Oh yes, it is something I am famous for among my friends and family. I believe that laziness drives my professional carrier from day one. I am always looking for the best and most efficient ways to have the job done, so I have more time to do absolutely nothing.

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