Always on the top of his game: Krzysztof, CTO

Agata Kukwa
Agata Kukwa
Published: 06.07.2021

Meet Krzysztof, our CTO. He is a family man and an avid mountain hiker. In his spare time, he is either planning his next short hiking trip or already there. So chances are you’ve already met off the beaten track somewhere in the south of Poland.

He is wearing many hats, but there is one that outcompetes everything else - parenthood.


I’ve spent over 12 years working as a consultant and manager for large corporations across Europe and the Middle East. It was a great career head-start, but eventually, you realize how much you would like to have a real impact and shape the company you work for.

My best friend knew about my ambitions and suggested I speak with Przemek, our CEO. We ticked from the first minute. The chemistry was right, our visions were aligned, and the decision was made in no time. Six months later, I was moving back from Germany to my beloved Gdańsk with my entire family.

What do you do at

I serve as a CTO, but at, we love wearing many hats. My core responsibility is defining and driving the organization’s tech strategy, finding new ways to innovate, and ensuring that the team has enough opportunities to develop their skills.

I also know how to translate business language into tech requirements. When we launch new projects, I’m often the first person interviewing the customer and finally providing initial project estimations.

What are the reasons to stay with DAC?

The atmosphere and culture here are fantastic! Like-minded people, passionate about technology and experts in their field. I never want to be the most intelligent person in the room, and when I’m with my team, I know that regardless of the tech challenge we will have to solve, this is precisely the bunch of people I want to have at my side.

If you always long for another day of work, and legendary annual events are not just yet another box you need to tick, you know you found the right place in your professional life.

Krzysztof always looks for solutions off the beaten path.

OK, so what’s with this hiking?

My dad introduced my brother and me to hiking when we were just kids. Initially, it was just one of those things we did together, but gradually it evolved into a passion.

As strange as it sounds, there's nothing better than waking up at the break of dawn and being the first person on the trail. The zen-like feeling of ascending a summit when others are just about to open their eyes in the comfort of their beds and being able to enjoy a few quiet moments alone on a mountaintop is simply amazing.

Any favorite spots?

That’s a tough one. The Tatra Mountains are impressive and will always have a special place in my heart. But they’re also highly overcrowded nowadays, and I started to look for places off the beaten path, both in the highlands and lowlands. If you want to enjoy a few quiet moments, I would recommend the Bystrzyckie Mountains, where even in the peak season, you can walk for hours without meeting a soul.

Any places on your bucket list you’d like to share with us?

Not enough to see in your entire life. But there are a few less-known spots I would like to visit one day. Rodna and Fagaras Mountains in Romania or Rila Mountains in Bulgaria feel particularly appealing to me.

Krzysztof built his dream team.

It seems that you really… like, REALLY love walking. Do you also walk to work?

That’s a good one. No, actually, I don’t. It’s around 14km between my work and home, so I prefer to take the scenic route through the national forest on my mountain bike. Gdańsk, where I live and where HQ is located, a coastal city, but its western parts were heavily forested and shaped by a glacier and thus resembles highlands. It's an excellent place to do some biking pre-work and post-work to clear your mind and have that separation.

But since we have a hybrid approach at DAC, I can always choose to work from home. So in that case -- well, you’re right -- I do walk to work.

All this talking about hiking makes me want to sit down, relax and just watch something on the TV. Any suggestions?

I have two shows I enjoy and would recommend to anyone.

Mr. Robot, created by Sam Esmail, is by far the best TV show depicting hacker culture. It’s the only show so far were the creators made an effort to represent *nix console, programming, and hacking correctly. As a techie, I was always mentally suffering watching how Hollywood portrays IT (just watch Swordfish, you’ll know what I mean). So Mr. Robot was the breath of fresh air I was looking for. And on top of it, acting, script, and plot twists are simply superb.

The other one is HBO’s Silicon Valley. Before I had several attempts to launch a startup, and this sitcom depicts well (albeit with a sense of humor) the journey I endured. If your evening attention span is no longer than 30 minutes, this is what you’re looking for.

OK, let’s go back to tech. What technological breakthrough are you waiting for?

Without hesitation - interstellar travel. As a tech-aware person, I understand that physics might not work to our advantage here, but a small tech-Trekkie in me hopes for some fantastic discovery that will put theory into practice.

The big question is, who will be the first interstellar astronauts? Carbon-based life-forms or maybe silicon-based sentient machines capable of withstanding such travel?

Anyway - neither my kids nor I will live to experience that, so it’s just wishful thinking.

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