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Michal Sulek
Michal Sulek
Published: 23.12.2020

I’m Michal and being an Android developer is the best job for me. The problems that I have to solve in this work are a challenge for me, and overcoming them gives me enormous satisfaction. I like animals so much that I try to look after abandoned cats, which are abundant in the area where I live. I like modern and fast cars, so I spend some of my free time watching car racing and attending car-related events. In addition, I like DIY and often try my hand.

This is me, Michal!

How long have you worked with Android development and when did it start?

I started working as an Android developer during my engineering studies in 2014 in a Krakow startup. As a daytime student, I combined my studies with 3/4 of my time working. Before that, because of my interest in computers, I worked as an "IT guy", but I didn't like this job so I was looking for another one.

This is how I started my apprenticeship as a backend developer and shortly thereafter became an Android developer. Apart from writing code, I was encouraged to work in this position by additional challenges in the form of user reactions and the use of hardware, e.g. cameras, Bluetooth, and others, which were not available as a backend developer.

Why did you start working at CrustLab as an Android developer and what kept you in this company?

The job offer at CrustLab was an interesting new challenge for me. As an Android development expert, I was entrusted with the role of not only a developer but also a person having a real impact on the company's development and expansion of the Android development team.

What projects have you worked on as an Android developer and which one gave you the most satisfaction?

I have over 10 Android development projects under my belt, both large and small. The most interesting and certainly worth noting are:

  • An application for a company in the automotive industry, which, by connecting to the computer on-board, allowed to view data on the car in the form of charts. At that time, this app was even promoted by Samsung and appeared in one of the brand's advertising videos.
  • One of the first applications developed in Flutter, designed for musicians to quickly and easily register inspiration and ideas for new songs. The same application in the Android version had a big problem with audio latency. We managed to eliminate them in the Flutter version.
  • Application for the employees of one of the intelligent skyscrapers in Warsaw.
  • Exchange applications and cryptocurrency exchange offices which are part of my work at CrustLab.

That said, I do not have a favorite project. The most satisfying projects are the ones that are well received by end-users. There is no better reward for a developer for his or her work than 5/5 stars on Google Play.

What is the one thing you value most about working at CrustLab?

A team of specialists who are good at what they do. I know I can always rely on my teammates.

What is your goal/dream not related to the work of an Android developer?

I don't have great fantasies about life. I focus on the mundane things that I can influence. I am getting closer and closer to implementing my plans, which are starting a family and building a house for homeless kittens. What allows me to take a break from work and refresh my mind are fast cars and Japanese anime.

Cats and fast cars go hand in hand - in that order.

How do you spend your time outside the office?

Usually, I do DIY, I learn new things, often not related to IT. I learned the basics of AutoCAD on my own, designed a car phone holder, which I then sent to a company that cut sheet metal parts, then completed it, painted, and installed it.

In my home workshop, I use old furniture to make wooden elements such as houses for wild cats, a stand for bowls to make it easier for my cat to eat, and other similar items. I am also interested in: car mechanics, electronics, and electrics. More often in the past, however, I still spend my time playing Playstation 4 games.

What is the most important book you have read in your life, and why?

I cannot answer this question, each book carries some value. I like to read scientific articles, regularly visit portals such as, and read about everything. I like curiosities from the world of science.

What is your life motto?

Everything happens for a reason.

Travelling and exploring the wonders of the world.

If you could spend a day with any famous person (living, historical or fictional) who would it be and what would you do?

God, I have a lot of questions.

Who would you be in your life if it wasn't an Android developer?

Another developer, and if we exclude IT, I think any engineer or technical person.

Michał's experience building Android mobile applications is extensive and he has proved it many times over by helping to solve client problems. If you plan to create an Android application and would like Michał as part of your team, contact us at CrustLab and we will make sure you get to see him in action - solving one problem after another.

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