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Bartosz Ficek
Bartosz Ficek
Published: 10.12.2020

I am Bartek, I am 23 years old and I am an engineer. Currently, I am finishing my computer science studies at the Cracow University of Technology, specializing in Cyber Security.

Apart from technical topics and the work of a front-end developer, I am passionate about video games and good music. My favorite is the Far Cry series, but I also enjoy playing car and sports games, especially Fifa. When it comes to music, I like jazz, blues, and funk. My top performers are Wynton Marsalis, Arturo Sandoval, B.B. King, John Mayer, and Stevie Wonder. I play trumpet and piano. I graduated from the 2nd level music school and I have passed the State Music College. I am part of an amateur band, but we are currently suspended due to a lack of time.

Bartosz doing his magic at work

How long have you been in frontend development and when did it start?

I have been in front-end development for 2,5 years. My adventure with software development has been going on since I started my studies at the Cracow University of Technology and met my first mentor. I went to college without any specific plans. The only thing I planned was that I would like to work in an IT company in the future, but without any details.

At university, I met Tomek, an experienced front-end developer. Tomek infected me with a passion for front-end development and became my mentor. Thanks to him, I learned a lot, later he also helped me find my first job in a team where he was a Team Leader.

We have worked together for two years and I am very grateful to him for all the guidance he received during that time.

Why did you start working at CrustLab as a frontend developer and what kept you in this company?

I heard about CrustLab from a friend. When I saw a job offer at the company, a project description and the technology stack, I thought it was the place for me. After a year of work, I can confidently say that I was right. I really like the atmosphere at work. It is loose, can be fun, but still fully professional.

We work on interesting projects from various industries, which means that I am constantly learning new things. I feel that I will be able to grow as a front-end developer at CrustLab for a long time.

What projects have you worked on as a frontend developer and which one gave you the most satisfaction?

I have worked on an online exchange office, e-commerce systems, applications for creating presentations or applications in which you can buy a poster printed with a freely configurable map or a soundtrack. I also created applications launched from the messenger level which made traveling easier for users.

I also worked on mobile applications: medical and app to create collections for specific purposes. The most interesting project and the biggest challenge for me was the online currency exchange project, due to the mass of industry terms that we had to understand to properly implement the algorithms.

Looking great for the company photo, Bartosz!

What is the one thing you value most about working at CrustLab?

Opportunity to develop my skills by learning from highly-skilled teammates.

What is your goal/dream not related to the work of a front-end developer?

I would like to cross Africa with a group of my friends on motorcycles. Although I do not currently have my own machine, I think that the best choice for such a trip would be the Honda CRF1100L AFRICA TWIN motorcycle, which can be easily driven on the road and off-road.

The first step I took towards realizing this dream is the license to ride a motorcycle. Then I would like to participate in a trip around the world.

Besides, I would like to reactivate my band and play a really big concert someday, e.g. at the Woodstock Festival.

How do you spend your time outside the office?

In my spare time, in addition to music, I like cinema, most often they are action films or detective stories that keep you in suspense. Same with the series, my favorites are Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad. I also devote a lot of time to sport as an amateur and only for fun. I love skiing and cycling depending on the season. In addition, I go to the gym, play football and basketball.

Traveling is a separate passion that I pursue in my spare time. I love communing with nature, visiting new beautiful places, meeting local people and learning about their culture and everyday life. I like to go to quiet places, not crowded with tourists, where people are smiling and open to others.

I usually plan my trips myself to make sure everything is buttoned up, but I also like to improvise. So far I have visited: France, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Denmark. The most I would like to visit is the US, Thailand and Africa. I am not planning any trip now because of my last year of studies and writing my thesis, but as soon as I finish my studies I am going to go to the Maldives as a reward.

On one of my many trips traveling and capturing the scenery.

What is the most important book you have read in your life, and why?

“Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson. This book was very motivating for me.

What is your life motto?

Work hard, travel a lot, listen to good music, drink good whiskey, and have fun with your friends.

If you could spend a day with any famous person (living, historical or fictional) who would it be and what would you do?

I would like to play jazz with Louis Armstrong.

Who would you be in your life if it wasn't a front-end developer?

Backend developer or musician probably.

If you would like to connect with Bartosz and explore how he can help with frontend development, contact us at CrustLab. If you also want to chat to Bartosz over a remote-beverage about video games, music, or travelling, he would be happy to connect!

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