The perfectly happy ordered chaos by Petra

Petra Ferlič
Petra Ferlič
Published: 13.01.2022

At CNJ we consider ourselves guardians of your investment in your digital transformation. We identify your real problems and offer optimal solutions to reach your KPI's.

Time to meet the Project Manager at CNJ, Petra!

Why did you join CNJ, and what has kept you here?

Mostly for the people and the working atmosphere. As we spend 1/3 of our days working, I think the good company and similar mindsets are crucial for a satisfying working environment. Another important factor for me is that the people get me and support my decisions,

I know my team has got my back at all times... which makes CNJ wonderful.

Laughter is best served with the team and oranges + coffee.

In your opinion, what are the hallmark traits of a great Project Manager?

I see a great Project manager as an organized chameleon, organizing their private life into milestones, dedicated to the imposition of order upon chaos, even if chaos is perfectly happy with the status quo.

Seriously: the ability to organize and delegate, flexibility and wits, capability to balance logic with creativity, communication mastery, competence and experience, leadership that inspires.

What is your proudest moment at CNJ?

I am proud every time a new project is launched and the entire team shows appreciation and congratulates those working on it. What makes me proud is not only the successfully finished project but the support and recognition we show one another.

Being valuable in a team and showing others their value is the most important revenue in my opinion.

How do you define success in life?

For me, success is every little or big thing that makes me smile when I think about it. Even failure is success sometimes.

Surrounding yourself with the right people to enjoy your achievements with is the biggest success in life.

Fun makes work a pleasure.

What did you want to be when growing up?

I wanted to discover the unknown and become an astronaut, to bake good cakes as a pastry chef and as a florist, I would have nice fresh bouquets of flowers in my house. But really,

I discovered my passion for discipline and ordering people around at a very early stage of my life - I thought I would live that through being a teacher… turns out: Project manager it is. :)

What is the first concert you attended?

The first concert I ever attended was my piano recital at the age of 7 where stage fright made me puke for an hour before the concert... I had chocolate 5 minutes before going on stage and my performance was great. Ever since I have a piece of chocolate before any big event.

Get to know Petra and the rest of the CNJ team!

We’re delighted that Petra decided to join CNJ – it’s been great having them on board! If you have any questions or want to get to know Petra or one of their colleagues from the Project Management team, we can put you in touch. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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