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Nebojsa Zaklan
Nebojsa Zaklan
Published: 20.10.2021

Case3D understands the incredible power of technology to engage and inspire. We make it simple and pain-free to embrace pioneering digital 3D solutions and create immersive, believable worlds for your customers to explore. With our team alongside you, you can realise your vision and share it with the world!

It’s time to meet one of our founders, Nebojsa Zaklan, who will tell us how the Case3D team was built!

What initially brought you to Case 3D and what kept you here?

Well since I am one of the founders of Case 3D, the thing that initially brought me here was definitely passion towards the work we were doing together, and the dedication we had to make the best environment possible for like-minded people who would like to work with us.

The things that kept me focused and present all this time were definitely the experiences we had as a team... the wins and losses, ups and downs, laughter and tears, and everything in between.

People have been — and will continue to be — the heart and soul of Case 3D, and it has been a privilege to have worked through and experienced some of the most precious moments of my life here with them.

Company spirit in action on one of the conferences we visited

Which were the most memorable moments for you during your career in Case 3D?

The thing I remember as a most memorable moment was the day my partners and I drew the structure and the idea about our future company in a local cafe, on one autumn morning.

I also remember we wanted to create something that would not be similar to the places we used to work in and to have this in focus for as long as we existed.

Also, our first major projects were some exciting times. The moments we became recognized by some of the companies and clients we used to look up to, and got to work for some of them, are moments that are still stuck to my mind.

In addition, many of the company gatherings and team buildings we have had over the years are always a great time for making good vibes and great memories. Each year has been special in some way, and although people have come and gone through the years, we have managed to maintain the same spirit throughout.

The team in one of our “family” gatherings

How do you spend your time while away from work?

Photography, travelling, music, and gaming. To put it simply, the first two things combined have become my favourite pastime. I travelled a lot during my career, and for most of those times, I carried my camera with me.

To witness and try to capture the subtle differences and uniqueness of places and cultures with photography has been my obsession over the years. Places that are wild and remote present a getaway from urban business and hustle for me.

Iceland adventure up close

Which things make you sincerely happy?

I have visited Iceland twice in my life. The first time was with two friends, and we traveled the island in an RV, photographing along the way. The second time I went over there with my son and my brother, and we also had an amazing experience but with a different perspective.

I have realised that these kinds of experiences are something that makes me feel deeply happy and fulfilled. Since then, I have pledged to myself that I will try and make these kinds of travels possible at least once a year.

Iceland adventure up close II

Your favourite thing in the world and why?

I think there are actually two things that exist simultaneously in my being. First is technology; it is something that really inspires me and keeps me going. All forms of technology excite me, from information to agriculture.

I am always amazed at how humankind has treated it and how we have influenced its development, both in good and bad ways. I try to keep an objective view of the world and its mechanisms as much as I can.

My second favourite thing is making people happy, and it has a lot to do with my personality and probably my career choices so far. There is a deep fulfilment for me in being there for others in any way I can, from family to friends and colleagues.

And to make a silver lining of all of this, creating something that would help people with technology will probably be my life's work :)

How would your life be without modern technology?

A hard question to answer, considering my previous paragraph. I guess it would have to be something close to maintaining my own sustainable household. Probably a lot of handiwork and local farming and growing my own food. The thing I would probably miss the most is my camera, so I guess getting back to film and developing would not be too much of a challenge.

Get to know Nebojsa and the rest of the team at Case 3D

Nebojsa and the rest of the team members in Case3D are here to offer you any kind of support in interactive solutions you might need, and we can't wait to learn more about future projects you might have for us.

If you are interested in any kind of consultancy, or in need of additional information, please feel free to contact him, and he will be happy to help or introduce you to other relevant members of our great family.

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