Olga, the Smile That Keeps Us Going

Olga Vuksan
Olga Vuksan
Published: 20.10.2021

Case3D understands the incredible power of technology to engage and inspire. We make it simple and pain-free to embrace pioneering digital 3D solutions and create immersive, believable worlds for your customers to explore. With our team alongside you, you can realise your vision and share it with the world!

It’s time to meet one of our playful ambassadors, Olga Vuksan!

What initially brought you to Case 3D and what kept you here?

After 10 years of working in the hospitality industry and organizing various events (from children's birthdays and weddings to corporate events), I wanted to try myself in another industry.

One part of me always wanted to work with young creative people, and in Case 3D that wish came true. I managed to apply my knowledge and previous experience as well as learn many new things that raised my organizational skills to a higher level.

What keeps me in Case 3D are definitely the people. Our connection at work and out of work, the common good energy, and equality are very important to me.

In addition, the new technologies we are developing inspire me.

A modern work environment, flexibility in work, and work tools are additional things that I like.

Olga shining with her famous heartwarming smile

Which were the most memorable moments for you during your career in Case 3D?

In this period of four and a half years, there have been countless beautiful moments, but I would mention a few of my favourites.

Definitely, every team building is a great experience. Since I am a very social person, hanging out with people is happiness for me. An unforgettable experience was conquering the top of Stara Planina as a collective victory.

Every year during the New Years’ holidays we organize a party for the youngest members of the team. Then we play, exchange gifts, thank each other, and wish each other new victories.

While we were all working in the office, we had a little ritual of celebrating birthdays, and those moments are always special.

Olga leading the pack while climbing one of the highest peaks in Serbia

How do you spend your time while away from work?

I'm training. I'm walking. I ride a bike. I use every free moment to enjoy nature.

I travel whenever I manage to spend a few days off.

I also like to go to a pub where I hang out with my friends.

I spend a lot of time on a lavender plantation on Fruska Gora, where we work with our friends and maintain 2 hectares of land.

Music is my great love and I often go to concerts.

Olga with her husband and friend getting their hands full of lavender.

Which things make you sincerely happy?

Little things.

Short-term and long-term, small and big plans with people close to me focusing on our common goals.

Time spent with family and friends.

Travelling and discovering new places.

And most of all, I enjoy little things like cycling to the village by the river or sunsets and sunrises in nature.

Bike as a favourite travel companion

Your favourite thing in the world and why?


My whole life has been accompanied by music. I can’t imagine my day going by without music. I always have something playing in the background. Music inspires me in my free time and while I work.

I enjoy exploring some new genres and artists.

Since childhood, I have been singing in the choir, which has shaped my life in the most beautiful possible way.

How would your life be without modern technology?

Very hard and relaxing at the same time.

I guess I would read more, live in the countryside and spend time with animals.

If I were not aware of the previous existence of technology, my life would be much more relaxed, but if at this point for some reason all the technology disappeared, life would certainly be much harder.

Get to know Olga and the rest of the team at Case 3D

Olga and the rest of the team members in Case 3D are here to offer you any kind of support in interactive solutions you might need, and we can't wait to learn more about future projects you might have for us.

If you are interested in any kind of consultancy, or in need of additional information, please feel free to contact her, and she will be happy to help or introduce you to other relevant members of our great family.

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