Creating Tech Wizardry With Nemanja

Nemanja Jacimovski
Nemanja Jacimovski
Published: 20.10.2021

Case3D understands the incredible power of technology to engage and inspire. We make it simple and pain-free to embrace pioneering digital 3D solutions and create immersive, believable worlds for your customers to explore. With our team alongside you, you can realise your vision and share it with the world!

It’s time to meet one of our technical artists, Nemanja Jacimovski!

What initially brought you to Case 3D and what kept you here?

My interest in becoming a Technical Artist began during my master thesis. That is when I discovered the potential of using Unreal Engine in architecture visualization and interactive applications. I wanted to explore more since architecture was my main field of study.

During one of the meetups that Case 3D held, I found out that they were already trying to implement new technologies including Unreal Engine in their workflow, and that they were searching for people to help them develop in that field.

Soon after I joined the team and mastered all the modelling tools, I began working on product development for touch screen and VR applications. That meant learning how to code and linking different software to make the workflow as easy as possible.

Working at Case 3D pushed me to learn so many new skills. I had the pleasure to explore interesting projects and options for our clients, developing custom solutions that fit their needs. I am proud to say that I helped expand our R&D into a fully functional team, both in research and production aspects.

Nemanja was hard at work in his early days in Case 3D as a junior technical artist

Which were the most memorable moments for you during your career in Case 3D?

One of the most unusual and exciting projects was building a VR bicycle racing simulator. The goal of the project was to represent the brand and their support for the bicycle championship while also making a fun experience for potential customers.

It was challenging for me because this was the first time I had to implement a custom hardware solution.

This is where I realised what an amazing team we have, and how their help was imperative to the success of this project.

The most fun part was bringing in other team members and letting them test the ride in VR on a real physical bicycle, watching their reactions to going up and downhill and trying to beat the AI.

After that it was equally exciting travelling to Belgium, setting everything up, and watching the clients themselves experience the ride.

How do you spend your time while away from work?

In the last few years, I developed a strong passion for building my own electronic gadgets and tinkering with existing ones. Especially now since I have a dog that really likes to play with gadgets.

Also, I finally bought my first car, which is an Alfa Romeo 147, and I spend a lot of my free time polishing, maintaining, and researching what can I add to it, which is a never-ending hobby.

On the weekends, when the weather is bad for going outside, I put my simulator racing setup to good use and spend hours perfecting my lap times and my favourite race tracks like Spa and Grobnik.

Nemanja chasing those elusive lap times

Which things make you sincerely happy?

Spending time with my wife and dog, eating great food, meeting new people with common interests and solving that one bug that's been keeping me up at night.

Your favourite thing in the world and why?

Travelling with my wife and dog, and exploring new places is something I always look forward to. Nothing beats the feeling of experiencing a new place, learning about the culture.

Nemanja and his favorite dachshund pal Mojo

How would your life be without modern technology?

I always imagined myself building a woodshed in the forest near the coastline and spending time fishing and carving sculptures. Over time I would probably build my own wooden machines to do some work for me and slowly lead us back to the industrial age.

Get to know Nemanja and the rest of the team at Case 3D

Nemanja and the rest of the team members in Case 3D are here to offer you any kind of support in interactive solutions you might need, and can't wait to learn more about future projects you might have for us.

If you are interested in any kind of consultancy, or in need of additional information, please feel free to contact him, and he will be happy to help or introduce you to other relevant members of our great family.

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