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Isabel Razquin
Isabel Razquin
Published: 31.05.2021

Stephany Silva is undoubtedly one of the most multifaceted people working at Capicua. She can analyse and develop user management systems, make a notebook from scratch and make the toe loop without any effort. She has been a full-stack developer at Capicua since April 2019 and masters Angular, React, and Node.Js.

What are some of the unique challenges you face in your role, and how do you overcome them?

One of the most significant challenges that I have faced in Capicua was working on a project in a language that I have not used before, but I had some knowledge because I was taking a course at that moment.

Little by little, I applied what I was learning, which allowed me to learn by doing, which gives you richer knowledge and helps you adapt to changes very quickly. You will always find strange things in my role, so you always have to continue investigating and learning.

That is precisely what I enjoy the most about this profession.

What skill would you like to master?

Definitely my current UX/UI skills.

What are your three most overused words/phrases at the moment?

I can think of two of them.

A phrase that I always say with the members of my team is “team Brandon!”. It arose from annoying our scrum master with the bug reports since one of the clients sent us amazing descriptive videos showing the console (which made our work much more straightforward) even though he did not have a technical profile!

"It's a joke, right?" is another phrase I overuse.

Why did you Join Capicua, and what has kept you here?

I started working at Capicua to get involved with more current web development technologies (like Angular), have a full development role, and leave support/maintenance behind. Not only did I achieve this, but I got a mixture of analyst and developer tasks which I found much more attractive.

I continue in Capicua because I have been trained in different technologies; I have fulfilled various roles and worked as a full-stack in new technologies.

Another thing to note is that they always support you with training, which is very valued.

How do you spend your time outside the office?

Outside of the office, what occupied my time the most was figure skating. I started to train and compete at the national and international level representing Uruguay at the age of 7.

I had to quit when I started my university studies. But when I completed them, I resumed and continued training until the pandemic began. COVID made it impossible for me to continue training for competitions, so it gradually became a hobby.

Currently, I have a stationery business with my boyfriend, which consumes a large part of the time after Capicua, since we do it from the design to the assembly. It is a pretty, complex process, but as I love stationery, it is worth it.

I’m always looking for a balance between the office and my free time.

We love to see our figure skater smile!

What are your top three life highlights?

Tough question! But I think one highlight is, without any doubt supporting and, in a way, having to take care of my parents when they fought cancer (they both fought the disease at the same time). It was one of the most challenging things that I have had to face. It taught me to make the best of life and how essential the support of our family and friends is.

Another thing could be to have moved out at 20 to live on my own (and didn't die trying! Haha). Although I no longer live alone, I lived for about five years without sharing expenses with any family member or friend.

Living alone, studying, and working is quite a challenge, but I loved having that experience. It was profoundly empowering to be entirely responsible for myself, and I have to confess that I struggled to give up that way of life when I moved in with my boyfriend. But luckily, we got along so well that that quickly changed.

And a third highlight could be keeping all my plants healthy and beautiful right now (I don't get along very well with botany at times, haha). I currently have six healthy plants.

Get to know Stephany!

Stephany is a true fighter. Despite having gone through callous times, her dedication and commitment towards her work and team never ceased. In addition, she is always eager to learn new stuff to keep improving herself day by day. It is an absolute pleasure to have her on the team. If you have any questions for Stephany, please contact us.

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