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Sreten Madžgalj
Sreten Madžgalj
Published: 21.03.2022

Bild Studio has a proven track record with global and local brands and we've developed a huge variety of products for our clients, ranging from manufacturing, fintech, financial services to betting platforms, fitness, telecommunications and service sectors. Clear communication, mutual understanding and constant improvements are the foundation of our long-lasting partnerships.

Time to meet the Tech Lead at Bild Studio, Sreten!

What drew you to mobile development? Have you always worked in engineering roles?

Mobile app development was always interesting to me and I found ways to get involved in our apps even before we formed an official "mobile department".

Although developing them isn't that different from web apps that I used to work on, there is something more personal to working on native apps that makes it super satisfying for me.

I like Hawaii shirt patterns

In your opinion, what are the hallmark traits of a great tech lead?

The Tech Lead isn't a well-defined role to begin with, but for us at Bild and me personally it means more than being a senior developer and it's different from an expert in a field.

A tech lead is the person to ask about their subject and they either know the answer, or someone in the team who can help you. It's someone that stays in touch with both the people and the tech to bridge gaps between other roles involved in the project.

Before working at Bild Studio, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

I used to "work" in construction in my dads company for installing commercial HVAC.

To this day I'm amazed how many similarities there can be between construction projects and software projects, I used to mention it all the time until I realized that obviously nobody in tech knows what I'm talking about :)

How do you spend your time outside of the office?

Since the pandemic, it's just been a lot of gaming. I used to travel much more, lately it's mostly weekend getaways, but hoping to go somewhere this summer.

Other than that, whatever is "in" at the moment - karting, skiing, running, bicycle riding, you name it :)

One of the weekend getaways, in the mountains of Montenegro

Do you recall any embarrassing fun moment at work?

My manager at the time and I were on a video call with important clients and she called me "Srećko" which is just an embarassing nickname, like, something my mother would call me 😅

How did you first learn about Bild Studio?

I googled "best web development company Montenegro" and there it was, first result.

That's how I decided I should apply to work here, too. This was a long time ago and there was only a handful of other companies here, but I only wanted to start at the best one 😊

Get to know Sreten and the rest of the Bild Studio team!

We’re delighted that Sreten decided to join Bild Studio – it’s been great having them on board! If you have any questions or want to get to know Sreten or one of their colleagues from the Bild Studio team, we can put you in touch. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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