Taking down challanges with Tarik Mehic

Tarik Mehic
Tarik Mehic
Published: 22.03.2022

Ant Colony is a product oriented software development & a digital company that specializes in digital strategy and high quality software development. We believe that organizations need to embrace digital change to achieve sustainable growth. We live at the innovation end of the spectrum, converting new ideas and technologies into commercially successful digital blueprints for our customers.

Time to meet the Lead Engineer at Ant Colony, Tarik!

Why did you join Ant Colony, and what has kept you here?

Ant Colony d.o.o. was my first step towards professional software engineering career. I was one of first employees and felt a great welcome even at that time.

I felt like I was ready to explore this new world where I felt like lost in space, but with a great guidance of my peers and founders I found my way of achieving all the great things which made me a great engineer that I am today.

One of the most appealing things that made Ant Colony d.o.o. being my second home are the challenges that are never ending and the source of decisions making, growth potential and profile your career in any direction you want is definitely a thing that will keep me always at Ant Colony d.o.o.

If you could pick one theme for Ant Colony to turn into a book about the company, what would it be?

At Ant Colony d.o.o. this question has an instant answer and that is "How to achieve tech excellence". Ant colony d.o.o. thrives to follow the standards to the spot for each stack or technology.

Personally that is a segment that has kept me here and the approach the company has will constantly keep up the challenging environment any software developer is wanting.

What is your proudest moment at Ant Colony?

There are quite a few of these. I would definitely say that the moment when I understood my potential would be the proudest. Seeing peers to whom I transferred knowledge to "repay" me with them providing me with new knowledge is definitely one of the proudest moments.

Life is a journey and never-ending learning experience, so it was really important for people who gained knowledge from me to see that. Afterwards each and every reassured me that I did the job, teaching them how to learn correctly. Understanding key principles about software development and business.

How do you define success in life?

Success like everything else in life is relative, so I find this to be a rhetoric question. I perceive success as an ability to make your self happy with the current state you currently are. I think achieving never-ending ambition to be success and ability to constantly adapt in any situation, overcome any issues and achieve your goals.

Being successful in life is assuring you are happy and making sure you already have next goals defined to put you in the state of happiness again. Either if its a small thing or a large goal made of small goals, being happy, for my mindset, is a way to have a success in life.

work. work. work.

What advice do you have for prospective Ant Colony candidates?

If you are thriving for knowledge, flexible enviorment, great company culture and drive for tech exellence then Ant Colony d.o.o. is a place for you. Now that we sorted out why you would like to be here, let me give you one advice.

Make sure you understand key concepts of software development and not only technology related knowledge. Understanding "how someting works" is better then "what something does" and this is a key for great career at the company. We value knowledge more than anything at the company, providing one and as well as gaining new.

How has Ant Colony helped you in your career development?

Ant Colony d.o.o. is a great platform for anyone dedicated and ambitious enough to build a successful career. They do so by giving you an ability to grow, put your opinion out and learn, ensuring that you have enough space to prosper and achieve excellence.

Here at Ant Colony d.o.o. you have opportunities that are opening every day and you can just grab them if you want to utilize them, so just be that person to do so.

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